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Who is YHWH/Yahuah? If we read in the preface in most versions of The WORD, we see they admit to REMOVING Abba Father's Name (YHWH) pronounced Yahuah.It means I AM HE WHO IS SELF EXISTING.It was a sin for them to take out Yahuah's Name.They put in the title of god or lord god in it's place.
And oh I believe in YOU
Baruk be your Name Yahuah
forever I will love you

My lips will exalt YOUR NAME YAHUAH
You destined me for berakah
I hang upon YOU YAHUAH
of hosts forever and ever.
Barak Yahuah of Esteem
Great is your work.
Your name's magnificant.Yeah.
This song is based on Enoch/hanok 39:13;39:9;40:5 and Hanok43:4


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