21 thoughts on “Beard Rules at Whole Foods

  1. haha…AMERICA!!!, don’t let your job stop you from growing your nails! Actually, every man grows their nails. Some people just choose to destroy it on a regular basis.Stop cutting your nails America!

    haha their beards are these guys’ life. They are good beards though..lol

  2. Have you guys heard of the Bearded Brothers? Raw food energy bars? We also work in food service and rock the beard nets while making tasty energy bars!

  3. These beards are there because they are natural. It’s not a statement, a beard was once looked upon as a great thing to have (and IMO, is still great). Somewhere a long the line, people associated beards with a negative connotation of being lazy. Truth be told, having a beard is a lot more work then not having a beard.

  4. How do you get a beard that big? I start looking like Hägar The Horrible when my beard gets over 5 cm/ 2 inch or so and I can’t stop touching it. Itch itch.

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