Join Michael Rood for the February 7, 2014 episode of Shabbat Night Live: Parenthetically Speaking (Before we are saved from the wrath to come) Parenthetical clauses are used throughout scripture to explain how, why, when and where in close proximity to the main subject and verb.

Parentheses in the book of The Revelation explain cause and effect. They tie together the events that happen previously, to the events that transpire subsequently on the prophetic timeline. Unfortunately, parentheses, as a literary devise, come centuries after the actual parenthetical clauses so prevalent in both Hebrew and Greek linguistic constructions. Because of their late arrival into the English language, the parentheticals in the book of The Revelation have never been either deservedly researched or accurately articulated. Now, after more than 40 years in the making, The Chronological Gospels is complete with all of the extensive parenthetical clauses accurately assigned throughout the book of The Revelation.

Now, with its impending fulfillment looming large on the horizon, The Revelation can finally be understood with clarity and lived with integrity. This one feature (the parenthetical clauses in The Revelation) in The Chronological Gospels is worth one thousand times the price of the book itself.

Join Michael Rood for the first of the last four teachings on the very last book of the Bible, "Parenthetically Speaking…"

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