If you’re like most people, watching Michael Rood’s teachings was enough — you gave a donation or got the latest teaching from A Rood Awakening! International.

But what happens on stage is just the beginning. Your support does so much more…

When you make a donation or a purchase from A Rood Awakening International, you enable us to send free teaching resources to less fortunate people all over the world.

You’re also helping to supply all of the materials necessary to burn the DVDs and Blu-rays and to support the people who put them all together and send them out.

But before any of that can happen, your support does something else…

Your support enables the professionals in our video editing department to use their talents to spread the gospel — videos that gain and hold viewers’ attention to understand the truth they’ve been missing their whole lives.

In fact, your donation goes even further! All of the graphics you see on those videos, Michael Rood’s famous biblical calendar, the newsletters you receive in the mail, and every email you receive comes from our communications department — here, too, your support enables these highly talented individuals to spread the gospel.

And when you have a question about the Bible, or want to join The Ambassador Club, or just want someone to pray with, your support helps there, too, employing our partner relations team, including people on the phones here in North Carolina, Montana, California, and even Costa Rica.

In fact, your support also empowers our entire international operations, promoting Michael’s message in practically every Spanish speaking country in the world! And it doesn’t stop there, you’re also enabling us to spread the truth through our operations in Europe and South Africa.

So, the next time to you make a purchase or a donation because of something you saw on stage, you can know that you’re supporting everything else that goes on — backstage.

Thank you for standing with us.


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