Last week I answered a question "What is Messianic Judaism?" I received many replies that I address in today's video. I feel we should use the correct name of our Creator and His Son to the best of our knowledge, but labeling ourselves to define our belief or who we follow really doesn't mean as much as putting our faith into action!


24 thoughts on “Believers, What Do You Call Yourself?

  1. I got a laugh from a friend who said that she was a recovering christian. Knowing where we have come from I thought it fit pretty good. All the christian holy days being from pagan and/or catholic traditions, our calendar being from a pope, and finally the biggest the first day rather than the seventh day being the sabbath.

  2. Is Trinity Constantine’s way? It seems to me that the doctrine of Trinity would be inevitable, were one to embrace our Lord Yeshua as the Messiah.

    Shalom, Paul. God bless.

  3. Everyone wants to put us into a box with a file name. They require us to be labeled. Personally, I have been calling myself “A Believer”. Yet, that is so vague that it doesn’t satisfy people either. Honestly, it seems most people couldn’t care less what we are, they are just nosey and want that label put on our heads. I am still confused about what to say especially since I do not “belong” to a group. People used to think I am Amish/Mennonite. No harm, no foul, but not correct.

  4. yahushua is the proper name and gentiles will be given a tribe among the 12,remember the 10 lost tribes,paul nison,keep cleansing ur language,

  5. christian is pagan,messianic jews are talmudic and christian belief together,continuation of pagan roman belief,we will be given a tribe us the goyim,at the second coming.

  6. Love the teaching and agree we need to get the labels out. People really need to know the history behind these names which they defy themselves in Messiah Yeshua. Shalom

  7. I am a Messianic believer!!!! and not a christian which is a religion based on Constantine and the catholic church which is the mother to all churches that follow the pagans ways of this world and not what Yahweh put in place in the Torah. I believe in the restoration of speaking and honoring the sacred Hebrew names through speech and lifestyle, keeping the Sabbath as Yehshua did, and eating the diet given to the Israelites that set them apart from other lands. Shalom!!!!!!

    • Soledad Rios I agree brother. amen! I have Hallelujah Scriptures which does its best to take out pagan words and put the Hebrew names back in especially Yah.

    • I refuse to let satan win another battle by taking and twisting the term that referred to the followers of Christ. I’m a Christian because I follow in Yeshua our Messiah’s ways. The church is trying to take over that term. Christianity is a reality not a religion, don’t hand it over so easily. Shalom.

  8. I’ve been told that because of the three trinity Jesus is God. I’ve always struggled with that thought… What is your opinion ?

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