There are so many important reasons for men not to destroy their beard. In this video some of them are spoken about.


20 thoughts on “Benefits of Having A Beard (Part 2)

    • I kept a trimmed beard since 2005 and all it does is drive you nuts trying to keep it looking good, I’m growing mine out and feel better already. There are a few people on You Tube such as Michael Owen, The Beard Baron who have great advice to keep you going etc…

  1. I have been growing my beard for about a year now.  Beards have a purpose.  In the Bible shaving of the beard was an insult.  2 Samuel 10:4-5, 1 Chronicles 19:4-5.

  2. I think that all men look better with long hair and/or  beards. As you’ve said in your videos, beards give a man a more mature/adult “manly look”. I would add that we also look kinder, more authentic and approachable. Today I was getting coffee and saw a young man with a full beard. I complimented him on it and we had a great connection. There is a great camaraderie between men with beards, which is good because society pits men against each other for the most part judging each other by wealth and status. ZenDog

    • I’ve had long hair for 9 years and a long goatee for almost 2 years and I think the same. I find myself looking at mans hair more but most I see are either clean shaven or hairless. It’s funny how the bible connects baldness with sorrow and most clean shaven or hairless men I see are married working a low paying 9-5 job. Most men I see with long hair and or beard are either retired or self employed and single.

  3. Thank you for making the video and doing the interview.  Many things you say just make plain sense.  I’m only in week 2 and need these video’s to help me on my way to beardum.

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