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5 thoughts on “Best Health Advice I Ever Got

  1. Too go raw was the best advice I got. Even though I tried to go raw many times and I’m not 100 percent but mostly raw now it made me go vegan.

  2. Mathew 6.25 says dont worry about food, I recollect something I heard this past week or so, that when we are in our minds thinking about what we would like to eat, that taste for food upon our tongues, that we really are so far from the Lord, because he sees the rest of the world, and it seems we are gluttons amongst the starving children of 3rd world countries. I have begun working on this in my life. And it isnt either. I thought it was hard to give up candy, but really that was very easy. After all is said and done though, i know that my tongue will be seeking god and offering prayers up on the behalf of others! Well anyway, the truth is we need so much less food than I thought we need. 3 meals is honestly nothing but manure… 😅

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