BEWARE! How The Church Teaches Christians to Plan Wickedness
I've made many videos over the years with a message and warning for people who attend Church, this video is TRUTH! After you see it you will just ask yourself "WHY?"

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27 thoughts on “BEWARE! How The Church Teaches Christians to Plan Wickedness

  1. Thx for the good word Paul my brother. I am praying for you and your family and torah group. All my love brother… And I am thankful Yeshua showed me the truth and set me free from sin… I hate what I used to be and do but I am a new creation and wont look back. Freedom from the chains of slavery is a gift bought by Yeshuas blood. And also he rose again conquoring death our blessed assurance and peace. Ive come a long way.. And its not by works.. Its by love we keep our fathers commands as not to grieve him… And out of love we are chosen and saved not out of works. Shalom

    • Aaron Thomas amen! I too, had the same experience !! Praise Yah my Elohim my father and Yeshua my King! For HE is the wonderful Lamb that washes all my sin away.

    • Shans bo If Jesus is really who he claimed to be then you owe it to yourself to inevstigate Christianity and all the claims against it.

      I know alot of people ask “Why the Bible and not any other system of thought?”.

      You start with the scriptures/Bible and ask yourself the question – Here, there are 66 books by nearly 40 different authors, over 15 hundred years that are books on history, books on philosophical thinking, books on theological thinking and systematic thinking. Now if the Bible made several assertions one after another that you found out to be false, either historically, philosophically or in the existential realm, you go further and further and you see that kind of systemic contradiction and failure then you have reason to believe that you cannot really trust this document; It is not in keeping in the way I’m seeing history and reality.

      BUT when you take the scriptures disclosed over centuries and over 1500 years, like I said – 40 different writers, 66 books and you see the prophetic schemer all the way down to the person of Christ. For example – the book of Daniel in the late 500s BC and yet when you study the book of Daniel you begin to see the specifics of a fantastic prophecy.
      He talks about a massive empire that’ll come to be. And how that empire will be divided into 4, and that empire will be led by what they call a stride and strong “he-goat” (ram and goat prophecy) from the west who’ll be marching several nations under foot, but shall be suddenly cut off and his empire will be divided Into 4. Those 4 then emerge into 2 and those 2 blend into 1.

      When you take the book of Daniel written late 500s BC and put a proforma onto Alexander the great in the 300s BC you see the stridency of Alexander suddenly cut off, 4 kingdoms emerge given to his 4 generals. Those 4 come into the 2 empires (the Ptolemaic and the Seleucid empires) that emerge into the the Roman Empire, centuries before to be so specific in prophecy.

      We go to the prophecy of Zachariah, who describes the crucifixion of Christ “they shall look upon me whom they have pierced, and they shall mourn for him” Zachariah 12:10 (Must read the whole verse)

      Go to the prophecy of Isaiah of how the Christ is going to suffer (Isaiah is the author of the longest book of prophecy in the Old Testament) IMMEDIATELY you see the supernatural. So when you take the miraculous element and you take the historical element, you look into the scriptures and you see there is authenticity and it all points to 1 perfect person. The person of Christ.

      Bruce Metzger, a renowned textual critic, Bible scholar, and biblical translator made the comment “when you take the twenty thousand lines of the New Testament,it is safe for any scholar to say there’s atleast a 99.6% accuracy”.

      No other ancient document , NONE has the kind of documentary support that the Bible has.. over 5000 documents. Even TIME Magazine writer in 88 I think; Richard (Forgot his last name) made a comment “One thing we cannot deny the Christians, is the documentations that is available across the centuries; nothing in ancient literature matches. Neither Homer, neither the Gaelic wars of Ceasure or whatever..

      So when you got this kind of documentation, this kind of accuracy, that kind of a person – in the person of Christ. I think we got pretty compelling evidence, to see why it is that we need to take “God/Christ and Satan” very seriously..

    • Ariana Stacey I was delivered out of Christianity. God is God and does not share His glory. Read Rev. 22:14-16 clearly says that Jesus’ reward is with Him and He will give it according to a mans works. It also states blessed is he who keeps the commandments, for they shall have a right to the tree of life.

      Don’t let Christianity deceive you. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Investigate it for yourself. Also know the Bible does not exclusively belong to Christianity. God Bless.

  2. The pharisees accused Jesus of working on sabbath for healing a man and he reminded them that they did the same when they saved a lamb on sabbath some people have to work on sabbath to feed they’re family and you can be born again and filled with th the Holy Spirit and work on sabbath it matters what’s in your heart not what you display to people thinking your so righteous because you don’t work on Saturday that means nothing

    • Two things not allowed on sabbath working and kindling fire. Doing what is right is ok. Yahshua was saying to the Pharisees not to be hypocrites/religious. Keeping the sabbath is one of the most repeated commandment in the bible. Try keeping the Sabbath with understanding that when you do you are declaring he is the creator and that he created the Sabbath for you shalom!

    • Yahshua never violated the Torah. He violated the commandments of men-oral law. Today this is Talmud. Anything Yahshua did against what the Pharisees and the people deemed as breaking their laws, it is nowhere in the Torah. Maybe you should watch all of my videos and you can learn this Nicholas.

  3. But I do get what your saying and totally appreciate your work I watch your channel a lot starting with the raw life channel and watch your street preaching keep up the good work

  4. Yeshua drank wine yet He was without sin. While excess food and wine are clearly forbidden, I don’t see anyone abstaining from food completely. why snack on food? It could lead to gullutony, right? May we speak words, knowing that it often leads to lying or gossiping? may we look at the internet when it often results in coveting? Am I wrong? Wine is not only scriptural, but it is an element of the sedar commanded by Yeshua to partake of in remembrance of Him. Teaching sobriety and Holiness is wonderful, however, adding to or taking from the scriptures is dangerous.

  5. My question was always why isn’t gods name in the Bible? I researched the dead sea scrolls and I found the 4 letters that belong to gods true name YHWH, this opened my eyes, to the truth

    • Henry J. WILSON good question. What I was told is the commandment, no one is to use the Lords name in vain, so they replaced it with other names/adjectives. That’s one of the commandments and no one will be excused from doing so. Sounds plausible.

  6. I was a bit surprised at the portion on divorce. Divorce is an action generally of one partner against the other. NObody in bible-land seems to think that divorce has victims–no. They just rail and cry against divorce. THAT attitude is sinful against the innocent parties of divorce. I’ve seen so many people battered down, good believing people who had divorce committed AGAINST THEM. But the church says stupid shtuff like “You are DIVORCED!” “You can never marry again” “You can’t be a member here.” “Your children are ruined.” Like it had somehow been your choice. How’s about we go back to the fact that everyone is guilty of his/her own sin and nobody else’s–and start treating divorced people better. With a complete understanding of how the bible was translated wrongly (concerning putting away and divorce) to reflect that post-Henry VIII church of England bias, you can do better. I’m sick and tired of divorce being treated like the unforgivable sin. Married people need to straighten up and realize they are only their partner’s whim and lust away from being a divorced person, too.

  7. I dont understand how catholics think they are the original when yeshua was the only one to fufill the law of judaism and says he never abolished it but came to fufill it, constantine manipulated what is now modern catholicism , they very easily forget or dont acknowledge the jewish roots

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