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A live google hangout as I discuss Bible topics with fellow brothers and sisters.


13 thoughts on “Bible Fellowship with Paul Nison Friday November 13th, 10pm est.

  1. How much I enjoy watching you all. My heart is rejoycing, and rememberred again whenn Yeshuha gathered with his disciples in the upper room.A beautiful way to start my Shabbath.

  2. I feel the same way about worldly concepts trying to lure people in to Christianity… I see this all the time with my “Christian” friends and the type of Christian music they listen too…. It does not sit well with my spirit.

  3. Thank you so much, Paul, for the fellowship at this hangout! Speaking for myself where there is no fellowship teaching the true Torah….the TRUE words of the Torah…. I give thanks to Yahweh for guiding I to your hangout! Yah bless!

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