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True Bible Health

Eating a diet according to the Bible is important but health is more than just diet.


5 thoughts on “Bible Health Is More Than Just Diet

  1. great video and a really important topic, one that I have been learning about myself as well. The Sabbath principles have taught me I need to be responsible and thoughtful of my behaviours in day to day life. I understand one of the important values of the Sabbath is indeed to rest (and also, by extension, when suitably prepared to study and consider Wisdom, and thus learn how to live by and for God’s good will), if we are committed to learning the teachings and truly trying to fulfil them (Matthew 5) then certainly enough we are likely to find ourselves expended in mind and body. There is no shortage of learning to be good and trying to do good, whether directly for the benefits of others, or even learning to correct ourselves in mind, attitudes and heart.

    at the end of the week we may well be tired anyway and certainly need at least that one day of rest and replenishment, but more than that the same principle should be recognised daily. If we intend to do good, if we intend to try, if we want to continually improve ourselves (and I imagine we all need to always work on improving and developing our natures and qualities), then, we need to rest ! Trying to ‘live’ a bit more at times can be those extra few hours we really should hope to learn to use effectively for the sake of composing ourselves, rejuvenating and even basically sleeping in preparation for the next day (that said, I am the worst sleeper I know of..).

    this is not to say all forms of recreation are somehow wrong or contrary, in fact I would definitely say otherwise, being able to restore oneself to perform at optimum can be a valuable lesson and even as it was said the worker is worthy of their food we might (although I theorise) suppose the same could be reasoned that we should enjoy relaxation as it helps to prepare us.

    but ! I’ve found not all forms of recreation as I would prefer them are useful for me, some, whilst highly enjoyable are not relaxing, they are stimulating, I can enjoy a lot of entertainments, but if these wake me I am tired and leave somewhat restless and less relaxed when I do finally sleep, have I properly refreshed myself ?

    so, it is a very important idea that has been on my mind, and similar to the topic raised here, good health meanings living fully, happily, responsibly and mindfully. There are many ways we can enjoy ourselves and relax, and maybe even my own interests are reasonable and sound at times, but not for all times or occasions. Sometimes I need to find other ways to enjoy myself and relax for the coming period, occasion or day.

  2. yes for sure. Thank you YHWH for your clear written counsel for shalom- good health of body and mind. II Peter 1:3 the Lord has given ALL things that pertain to life and godliness,- ..the whole chpt. 1

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