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    • Praying can heal a person from everything but they have to be praying to the one true God and need to follow the bible for their prayers to be heard.

    • The Raw Life Health Show ……with all do respect I believe you have to be cautious when stating things like this especially when it’s based off of only belief and no science or empirical data to back such claims. There actually may be people watching that might take you literally and think they can pray themselves to a healthier self. Which is clearly not accurate. Based off your claim everyone man , woman or child would not have died from cancer had they prayed. Are you being serious?

  1. Paul, this is great! I was just talking to my friend about this yesterday. He sent me a link to a video that claims that the Muslim diet is the healthiest diet. I don’t really know what that means but when I watch the video it seems to me like there were some fats and then there were conclusions without a clear line drawn between it and the premises that were stated.
    Does your your book describe how you draw your conclusions? For example when I cut open a carrot it doesn’t look to me like an eye and a celery stick doesn’t look to me like a bone and I don’t know if it’s just me but how would anybody know to draw those conclusions? And then the scripture that says that the Israelites won’t get the same diseases as the other Egyptians what does that mean exactly? Does that mean that they will still get diseases but they’re going to be different from the Egyptian diseases?

  2. i loved your video but i dont know how to do anything but youtube im old . i dont do credit. I believe we should pay cash and so i do.But because i dont use cards i miss out on a lot.

  3. Great video! Yes I really needed to hear this! I believe everything that you are talking about whole heartedly everything you said is very true and scriptural based! It is so wonderful to hear of someone lifting up the name of God when it comes to health food! And your little girl did fantastic on her Bible verses tell her congratulations!

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