Has your Bible been translated accurately? Are the words you have understood for your entire life the true record of Yeshua’s culture and times? And if not, how much does it matter to us today — or for our understanding of prophecy in the future?

Michael Rood provides amazing explanation and insight into the culture and times of the Bible in ways you have never heard before. Learn how to accurately interpret the sequence of events in Yeshua’s second coming in Michael’s new teaching, “The Day of Trumpets”.

In "The Day of Trumpets", Michael Rood explains why context matters, why Yeshua taught specific lessons on specific days, and what the Day of Trumpets really means.

The Day of Trumpets is part of Michael Rood's 20-episode Love Gift teaching series, "The Ministry of the Messiah" — one episode will be released with each month's Love Gift.

Own September's episode, "The Day of Trumpets" for a donation of $50 or more. Or donate $100 or more to get The Day of Trumpets plus a beautiful ram's horn shofar to celebrate the fall feasts.

Hurry! Supplies are are limited. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Call 888.766.3610 or visit us online to receive “The Day of Trumpets Collection”:



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  1. Micheal, Keith and Nehemia were seating at the table speaking about their jounrys and Keith heard the name of The Creator for the first time I believe and another man in hearing distance heard the name also and blew the Shofar…I was excited about it since then… Praise Yehovah our Elohim!!!

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