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There is a men's movement MGTOW that stands for "men going their own way" that makes much sense, however most of the people part of it are not believers. I think it is time to start a movement called MGYW "Men Going Yahweh's Way"

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46 thoughts on “Bible Relationships, Let’s Get Real

  1. Am single and very happy I chose to serve Yahweh and stay single till Yeshua comes it’s the best decision I ever made and I thank Yahweh for everything it’s a peaceful place to be Jesus is the Only Way Truth and Life

    • Mary Momanyi AMEN AMEN 🙏

      Luke 20:34-36
      Jesus said to them, “The sons of this age marry and are given in marriage, but those who are considered worthy to attain to that age and the resurrection from the dead, neither marry nor are given in marriage; for they cannot even die anymore, because they are like angels, and are sons of God, being sons of the resurrection.

      After all HE WANTS TO BE OUR FIRST LOVE ❤️

    • +Nazir Life101 The promise God has promised us is big can’t trade the love I have for Yeshua for anything He is my Only life and the reason why am living He is so awesome one love dear

  2. Shalom .topic request. What is a single woman headship…covering and what are her responsibilities and limitations compared to man. Biblically speaking of course.

    • My view on head coverings, woman in the Bible also translates to wife. In the 1611 kjv the word was wife in most places. When Yeshua said if you look at a woman (wife) with lust you have already committed adultery in your heart . And how they knew who was a married wife was the head coverings. Men could see from a good distance who was married and who was a possibile match. Now days a guy has to get within a foot of a woman to see a ring

    • sure I’ll add it to the list thank you. It is allowed but the question is when, why and how? I’ll talk more about it in a future video

  3. my thoughts on this (not a solution just a thought) … in the “ideal” biblical situation you have a community of believers, neighbors surrounding you, close knit families – but in the world today we as believers are so scattered (as the bible says) – we can’t walk to your house for a visit and get council – we can’t walk across the street and ask parents for advice – some can only “gather” on-line so there is no “face to face” help – there is no “in your face” leaders to help keep us accountable (for rebuke or praise) and this leaves many believers who in a weak moment are open to satan – only as example I will note the Amish and their communities that is such an advantage for them

    • Selah Brooke search the scriptures for yourself. Many are being misled into thinking DIVORCE AND REMARRIAGE is allowed BUT evidence in the WORD says ‘ABSOLUTELY NO!

      The only time one is released from marriage and can re-marry is by DEATH!
      All else leads eternal damnation for the SIN OF ADULTERY.
      Many have been found guilty against this TORAH CODE OF TRUTH.

      Luke 16:8 ‘Verily I say to you that if anyone who divorces his wife and marries another woman commits ADULTERY, and the man who marries a divorced woman commits ADULTERY!’

      Matt 19:9 ‘For I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, and marries another woman commits ADULTERY.

      Rom 7:23 by LAW (TORAH) a married woman is bound to her husband as long as he is alive, but if her husband dies, she is released from the law that binds her to him. So then, if she has sexual relations with another man while her husband is still alive, she is called an adulteress. But if her husband dies, she is released from that law and is not an ADULTERESS if she marries another man.

      Pro 6:32 But a man who commits ADULTERY has no sense; whoever does so destroys himself.🔥🔥


      Hope this gave you some insight. Read the WORD and be found approved!

      Shalom and YAH BLESS🙏

    • +Nazir Life101 Thank you for confirming what I thought when I read those passages before. My X husband was unfaithful and left me a while back. We’re divorced. I may have to remain single for the rest of my days in order to be obedient to Scripture.

    • Selah Brooke AMEN!🙏 I am in the same boat BUT I am so grateful as I look back as painful as it was HE WAS CALLING ME?.

      Selah You have been given a way of escape because YESHUA WANTS YOU ALL TO HIMSELF AS YOUR FIRST AND ONLY LOVE ❤️….. press in and he will draw you in so close that you will never think of a human man ever again 🤗 for you are now a true ‘daughter of ELYON’

      Don’t get caught with the heathens marrying and giving into marriage for it is TRULY AS THE DAYS OF NOAH.

      Shalom my friend’

  4. Sunrise Hoodie makes a lot of Biblical Mgtow content, not sure if he is Torah though. I have been more or less single for 3 years, I’m young and still date but it is hard to find a virtuous woman here in southern australia. Most people are Atheists and lot of the Christian girls are even more crazy once the good girl mask comes off…! Better to just focus on Yahweh

  5. Lessons learned: 1. Never ever get a marriage license, you are asking the government to get involved. 2. A broken heart will NOT kill you. 3.child support will be over someday…….. 4. Try not to knock marriage to young people.Marriage is a beautiful thing when it’s blessed.

    • Wes Frazier I most jurisdictions of the west, a formal certificate is not needed for a woman to lay such a claim against a man that her one unverified statement is sufficient to remove the man from the house of which he is the sole holder, to remove his access to his kids, to take his money, assets, and retirement, and if he should become unable to keep any court appointed payment, the judge can and does remove his passport and drivers license and sentences the man to prison, to join the 50,000 of so men in American prisons for such reasons. So, take that list and think deeply about the men who will rely on your sage advice.

    • I disagree about point 4. It is imperative as men who have experience to warn younger men about the perils of getting married. Hormones often can overwhelm reason and hopefully older men can get through to some young men about the potential destruction they can do to their wellbeing.

    • The question being : “Is this a desire of the flesh or real Yah given love?”. How does one tell? Follow the WORD. Get to truly know the person as a friend and if it is blessed by Yah, it will become more if it’s suppose to. Guard your chastity and remind yourself constantly that your body is YAH’s and His Temple. What you do to yourself or allow someone else to do to you, you are doing to Yah. Keep Clean, stay pure. Yeshua’s example and Words will give you strength. It also keeps the emotional muck out of your mind when getting to know the person if physical contact is not an option. Does the person exhibit the Fruits of the Spirit listed in GAL 5:22-23? Watch what they do more than what they say. Pay attention to what their focus is Brothers and sisters… is their focus serving Yah and living the Word even if you are not around, or is it just something they use as a conversation piece to catch your attention initially. Do they truly LIVE the Word? Serving Yah must come before all things in their life. Do not settle for anything less. I have learned these things the hard way.
      Yah bless! Shalom

    • Wes Frazier Don’t delude yourself. They let men pee standing up in other places as well, but one unverified phone call in the South, North, East or West and no judge can ignore that. There are horror stories aplenty from the south – lawyer Melissa Isaac details that very well in at least one state. So do not confuse one anecdotal story with the statistics of imprisonment and worse. Who cares about a broken heart? Really. [Reply not appearing: Wes Frazier
      Mgtow Values I’m from the South, so I wouldn’t know about that. They still let us stand up when we pee.]

  6. It’s just the world yet for a believer, they should be more cautious than any red pill knowing it’s a different path than non believers.
    Whether you marry or will be single, be cautious and educate yourselves and especially men.

  7. Shalom, I am single, never married. Thanks for your beautiful lovely wonderful amazing awesome teaching about Word of God. Yahweh Elohim bless all believers on the earth. I pray in the name of Yahshua Messiah Amen HalleluYah. With 💖🌹💗🏵💝 from INDIA 🇮🇳💝🌸💟🌺

  8. It’s practically impossible to give any advice to couples who refuse to acknowledge Yeshua and Torah. It’s unfortunate for them, but very clarifying in my marriage. Thank you for the video. Baruch Hashem.

  9. Before any man would consider consorting with any woman in the west today, a close examination of the laws and of the effects of these laws is highly encouraged. Men are routinely separated from families, on the word of a woman only. Careers are gone, university education destroyed, reputations forever tarred. No, the problem is not women, but a system. This destruction of the foundation of the west is a manufactured condition and there are forces of evil directing this. Ignatius of Antioch indicates a proper object of attention in his Epistle to the Smyrneans: Let no man deceive himself; both the things which are in heaven and the glorious angels, and princes, whether visible or invisible, if they believe not in the blood of Christ, it shall be to them their own doom. (For non-believers in Christ’s divinity – don’t really worry about it. Not important for these purposes. Think Pistis Sophia.)

    • You are here too. Interesting. And you are right. The problem is not women, but I think a lot of the times people get so frustrated about these things that it eventually turns into people believing they are being personally attacked. It truly does feel that way at times, because it certainly is a serious issue. I think the main issue starts with the fact that people today believe marriage involves the state. Somebody I heard recently did point out that technically a marriage license actually marries you to the state and not to the person you are actually supposed to marry. Marriage is supposed to be a covenant between you, the person you are marrying, and God. That is it, but now it somehow involves the state. Which I do believe is part of the problem, because with marriage you ‘cleave’ to the person you are marrying and you ‘become one flesh’. If that is the case though and you involve the state, you just mixed yourself with the state. Most people don’t understand the implications of that either. I would be careful though to not say Jesus was MGTOW(which some guys are doing), because as much as there are certain things that certainly could classify him as one. I would still say that is an anti-christ. Women try doing the same thing and say he was the best feminist in the world, because he didn’t hate women. I think we have to be honest about who he was though, because it does us no good to not be honest about who he was and if anything I would certainly say it is trying to place him in a box. I’ve never been married though, so I do know I lack understanding on this subject a quite a bit. I do believe people twist scripture a lot on this subject. Mostly to benefit themselves and not truly follow scripture.

  10. A biblical marriage isn’t what 99% of modern women in the states want today.
    Ask any potential partner what the biblical description of a good wife is if she doesn’t agree walk away.

  11. If you want a religious perspective from the whole MGTOW/cultural battles between men and women you might want to read a blog by a person named Dalrock. He approaches it from a Christian perspective though but I think some of his topics would resonate.

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