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5 thoughts on “Bible Sabbath Fellowship Friday December 7th, 2018 @ 10pm est

  1. Shalom and thank you for your getting the truth out!

    I want to thank you for your video about not eating animals, I could not comment on that for the comments were disabled!
    I never really thought of it in a way where if I have ever seen in monkey in a tree or a cow walking, that I would ever want to eat that or kill it!
    And I always had a hard time with thinking that God approves of all these animals that are being slaughtered and mistreated in the meantime!
    So thank you for that and helping me to see this in a better perspective though I don’t know how much progress I’ll make in stopping but I do see the truth in that!
    There’s so much different types of fruits in the world that we’ve never experienced that are so delicious but there often hard to get Financially or just where they grow!
    When it comes to Christianity, I don’t think God respects that name!

    Just curious, if they gathered barley at two different times and it wasn’t at this of the year when it was all able to be gathered , and if Hanukkah is a winter festival ,then how come we ain’t celebrated it by the biblical January second, because some of the barley wouldn’t even be ready to be gathered?

    • You can eat meat if the kill is Kosher, it is in the commandaments (Torah) but you need to fast slize the throat so it can be fast and not painfull. Yeshua bless you. 😀 but well you can go vegetarian if you want too is not abomination it’s actually better. 😀

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