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10 thoughts on “Bible Sabbath Fellowship Friday March 15th, 2019 @ 9pm est.

  1. Our prayers and Good wishes,
    To Zachary and Jamie Bauer.

    May Elohim bring a speedy recovery to his family and may the Love of Yeshua be with them always.

    I love you all very much.

    Your brother

  2. the answer to Abigails matza question is: it should be done within around 20 minutes because otherwise the dough rises , it is wild yeast in the air what makes the dough rise, actually ferment, and therefore you got to handle quick, in haste, the dough and bake it, otherwise the dough turns into sourdough. It has nothing to do with if that is a chabad or orthodox jewish requirement of judaism , its a natural process baking flatbreads like matza which should be unleavened and it needs to be quickly done to avoid the leaving process to set in.

  3. HalleluYAHWEH ! I thank and praise our CREATOR for this fellowship. So thankful that James from Canada is back 🙂 So good to see him again 🙂 always have loved Brother James since the first time I saw him on SHabbat hang out, praying for all of you and for Brother Zach and his wifes healing and also for comfort for their hearts and protection . I thank and praise FATHER YAHWEH for everyone on the pannel and for Brotehr Paul and am praying for you all. Praying also for Charles family for protection and for all things to go good for him too. May FATHER YAHWEH please bless and keep you all. I love you all Thank you so much for this fellowship.

  4. I agree with Brother Yacob , he is so right about how the adversary has decieved the whole world. I too have just been not to long ago brought to the truth and my eyes have been opened to the deception I fell for as well. Just a few years back I was dusting off my nativity scene for christmas thinking I was doing a service for GOD KING YAHWEH by reminding everyone that the season was all about MESSIAH, I had no idea what that wicked pagan holiday really was about. I found out through Michael Rood and a video on youtube called Israel of the Alps, I was shocked to find out. Now I look at everything through discerning eyes always wondering what is behind everything around us. I agree with Brother James too we have to be so careful not to be partakers in all the paganism that we have been decieved by all our lives, Brother Yacob is correct we have to handle all the people that are still in deception with care and understanding and remember from whence we were delievered but Brother James is also right we have to come to the understanding of what all this pagan deception is too so we can avoid it. And Brother Paul has some great advise too, I am thankful for all the GODLY wisdom coming from the pannel FATHER YAHWEH was really helping us through you all to come to an understanding about how we live in the world but to come out of all the pagan stuff in it and put HIM, KING YAHWEH and KING YAHSHUA first in our lives and seek to please GOD the best way we can by doing our best to keep HIS commands.

  5. And I also was touched and blessed by the scripture verse Brother Yacob brought up about how where there is jealousy and that and how that just takes away our peace , that is so true. I feel it is so wicked to be jealous of someone else because we should be looking at all the ways our Glorious CREATOR KING YAHWEH has come to our rescue and just focusing on that not being jealous that GOD FATHER YAHWEH has helped someone else in their lives, we should actually be rejoicing with a fellow believer or even just a fellow human being when FATHER YAHWEH helps them and shows HIS Kindness and mercy toward even sinners the Bible says that FATHER YAHWEH sends rain upon the just and the unjust too even. But we should never begrudge when FATHER YAHWEH helps another person that is so wicked. Just like with Saul, he was jealous of King David and that was a demonic spirit that was taking away Sauls peace and even King Davids peace . I was so thankful that Brother Yacob brought that scripture up because that is an issue I was dealing with earlier in the day , I was grumbling in my heart about others that had a hatefilled tone and always seem to begrudge when FATHER YAHWEH helps me and their hateful tone stole my peace just like the scripture said. But maybe now I can get a better handle on it because of the understand of the scripture now. HalleluYAHWEH ! Praise FATHER YAHWEH for such a wonderful fellowship 🙂 thanking him for Brother Paul and all the people on the pannel.

  6. Brother Paul is correct the negative comments are just a distraction from the adversary, good advise. Beautiful song Brother Jacob, Brother Richard and Sister Pam. FATHER YAHWEH has truely blessed you both all talent to praise HIM in song and worship. Very beautiful.

  7. Joshua would have Broken the sha-bat if it’s a
    Continual count of every seven days.

    Book of Jasher, Chapter 88

    14 And it was in the second month,
    on the first day
    of the month,
    that the Lord said to Joshua,
    Rise up,
    behold I have given Jericho into thy hand with all the people thereof; and all your fighting men shall go round the city,
    once each day,
    thus shall you do for six days.

    15 And the priests shall blow upon trumpets, and when you shall hear the sound of the trumpet, all the people shall give a great shouting, that the walls of the city shall fall down; all the people shall go up every man against his opponent.

    16 And Joshua did so according to all that the Lord had commanded him.

    17 And on the
    seventh day
    they went round the city seven times, and the priests blew upon trumpets.
    18 And at the seventh round, Joshua said to the people, Shout, for the Lord has delivered the whole city into our hands.

    Joshua would have Broken the sha-bat if it’s a
    Continual count of every seven days.

    Isaiah 1:14
    “Your new moons and your appointed feasts my soul hateth: they are a trouble unto me; I am weary to bear them.” 

    Amos 5:21
    “I hate, I despise your feast days, and I will not smell in your solemn assemblies.” 

    Ecclesiastes 1:9
    “The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.” 

    It’s all in HIS words …….
    Isaiah Chapter 66 יְשַׁעְיָהוּ⁠
    23 And it shall come to pass,
    that from one new moon to another,
    and from one sabbath to another,
    shall all flesh come to worship before Me, saith the LORD.

    Isaiah 66 is just one part of the puzzle.
    If it is not in 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄𐤟s words it’s not Truth !

    I pray that this is a blessing ……

  8. Jesus is the Christ; the Messiah. Repent.
    Go study Daniel chapter 9 and realize that the 70th week (490 years – Daniel 9:24) was fulfilled perfectly in 34 AD – EXACTLY 490 years from the “command to restore and rebuild Jerusalem” (457 BC) (Daniel 9:25). Jesus fulfilled the sacrifice and the time prophecy PERFECTLY – leaving NO QUESTION Who the Messiah really is.

  9. Haredi Judaism is scrupulous about the supervision of matzo and have the custom … states that liquid food extracts do not cause flour to leaven the way that water …

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