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28 thoughts on “Biblical Israel Part 1

  1. Pastor dowell I love you man but more I love the father for blessing you for breaking the info to me like that please keep it up thanks a lot shalom!

  2. Another great teaching of truth. Will be waiting for part two. Just imagine when Hollywood finds out that Moses didn’t look like Charlton Heston but Wesley Snipes all hell will be bent out of shape.

  3. Here is a link to the images of the true biblical israelites and these pictures show the israelites in the british museum, as black people with kinky afro hair, braided hair and dreadlocks, it shows the canaanites as browns skin people, there is no image showing blonde straight hair european as israelites before 1492, there is also images of the elamites cousin to the israelites with black skin and afros on the walls of babylon,

  4. You have spoken more truth in this ONE SERIES than any Christian would teach in a thousand years. Light shattering darkness. Thanks for these valuable lessons, they are worth more than silver or gold.

  5. They would rather jump into hell…LOL Bless you Pastor.  I talked with a religious Christian this week and he did not want to accept the fact that Biblical Yisrael is a black people.  He then said Israel didn’t even matter to God anymore but then told me about the 1948 Jewish nation being some important event.  Just utter confusion.  I thank Yah for giving us REAL Pastors

    • +mike fullen wow cuz.. in the books it states Columbus founded america. . Just more strenth to find.our true self. But in the end we don’t live in the past we live in the now… what is next. I can tell u bro.. since u keep it real. Check out the lous platto. Aquaponics and food forest. And finally self sustainability. . All on youtube or n Google m it goes hard. This is n our future for the genarations of Noah and people like us

    • +dan staves , I thought you deserve my answer, as it may bring fruitful truth and understanding to you.  When I was a child, the Zionist news and education system said the same thing – it is fiction.  Since then, they have discovered many of the cities and people mentioned in the Bible.  Much of the history seems right on.  You deserve to take a second look.  I cured myself from a disease by simply looking at the scriptures.  However, it is deep reading and understanding that needs to be done along with additional historical perspective.  Much of it, we will never understand, but the small bit you do understand is mind blowing.

  6. This answers so many questions for me that I have asked just from logical reasoning that when I first heard this I knew it to be the truth and the history that we have been taught is a lie!!

  7. Even after I hear you speak, logically, I am not sure that they are black, brown, yellow, or brown.  I can see, however, that they tried their best to keep race out of all of these books.  Currently real Semites like the Palestinians are between black and white.  I do crack up when I read about Rebecca around the well – the description is very black.  I would assume that when Abraham came out of Iran he brought with him some lovely white ladies.  The Egyptians thought his wife beautiful and different.  A black man helped Jesus carry the cross.  Can we infer from this that Jesus was different or can we infer that maybe he had something in common.  By now, a large portion of the population has the blood of Abraham and his people.  The “Jews that are not Jews” are no different racially than any other.  They are mixed just the same as most everyone else.  I guess you shall know them by their deeds.

  8. forgot to mention World War 2 in the holocaust Satan’s ilk wasn’t lining up the Africans to go in the gas ovens Amos 9:15 if you think you’re a Israeli you should be over there building a nation

  9. Wow all the ethnic groups were created on the sixth day seventh day God rested and made it holy for fellowship with Him the eighth day he created a new man to bring the Messiah through it is just as simple as that he wasn’t Caucasian or African he was from the Northland Finland Sweden Eskimo he wasn’t Chinese he wasn’t any other ethnic group God created this group the Adamic man for one purpose to bring the Messiah so we could have redemption…..

  10. Wait…@pastordowel..You say in this video David was black than say in another video David was ruddy or red according to the scriptures. I’m confused.

  11. There are African-American Hebrew Edomites. That’s right… Black Hebrew Edomites! Cain, although born to Adam as a ruddy white person, became the first black man according to the Bible, and the Book of Enoch (LXXXV) identifies “the mark of Cain” as Black skin (Genesis 4:15); as God made Cain to become a black man, after the murder of Abel, but not as a curse, for there is no curse against the mark of black skin, for it was a warning and protection for Cain against anyone who would seek to kill Cain for the murder of Abel. Seth was a ruddy white man, son of Adam, a name that means ruddy, or reddish, as the Hebrew word for red earth is “Adamah” from which Adam came. Noah was a Sethite, as were his sons, Shem, Ham, and Japheth, and they were white ruddy men descendants of Seth, son of Adam. A descendant of Cain’s, a woman by the name of Naamah (Genesis 4:22), the black Cainitess, married the white ruddy Ham son of Noah, and Ham came to be known as the father of the Dark race (Negroes). Naamah, wife of Ham, can be found in the Book of Jubilees. The sons of Ham were Negroes: Cush, Mizraim, Phut, and Canaan, as from these four sons of Ham came the whole Negroid race, as their mother was the black Cainitess. Canaan is the progenitor of the Canaanites, a Negro people. Noah cursed Canaan, son of Ham, and his descendants to slavery, whom are of the Negroes, having the stigma of slavery to this day (Genesis 9:24-27). One of Canaan’s sons was named Heth, and Heth was the progenitor of the Hittites, also a Negro people. Jacob, called Israel, was a descendant of Shem, a white ruddy Sethite, as were his fathers Abraham and Isaac known as Hebrews in the land of Canaan. Isaac married Rebekah, a white ruddy woman, for Abraham did not like the people of Canaan, and he made his servant swear saying, “…you will not take a wife for my son from the daughters of the Canaanites, among whom I dwell” (Genesis 24:3). So the servant of Abraham went far to the land of Padam-Aram in Mesopotamia to the city of Nahor and found Rebekah, sister of Laban, daughter of Bethuel son of Nahor, Abraham’s brother. Now Isaac’s wife, Rebekah, had twins called Esau and Jacob both were white ruddy boys and according to the historian Josephus about the appearance of these two boys, Esau was hairy with reddish hair, but Jacob was smooth skin (Genesis 25:24-26), “…for they being twins, and in all things else alike, differed only in this thing” (“Josephus” Book 1, ch. 18:6{270}). So anyone who tells you that Esau was white and Jacob was black is a liar! Now both brothers, Esau and Jacob, were white ruddy in complexion, as twin boys with only one difference Esau was hairy and Jacob had smooth skin. Esau married two {Negro} women of the Hittites (Genesis 26:34), which grieved his {white ruddy Hebrew} parents (Genesis 26:35). Esau had Negro kids! Amalek was a Negro, grandson of Esau of the Hebrews, by a concubine, a Negro woman of the Canaanites, as Amalek’s descendants, the Amalikites, were closely associated with the Canaanites, Negroid peoples. Esau saw that the Negro daughters of Canaan did not please his father Isaac, so he married a white woman, daughter of Ishmael, which is why Herod was a White man; and so there were both white and black people of Esau called Edomites (Genesis 28:6-9). Many of the Hebrew Negro Edomites went into Africa, as there is a tribe there known as Iboos, and these are the Negro Hebrew Edomites. Now in America these Edomites are jealous of the true Israelites, a white people, and you can find these Negro Edomites in the streets of America yelling lies of Hebrew Israelite identity; but all of the Canaanites shall be removed from Israel (Zechariah 14:21).

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