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37 thoughts on “Biblical Israel Part 11 “Esau Is Not The White Man!”

  1. Pastor Dowell, How come you didnt read one scripture to back up your claim or statement. You do know what the scripture says about people like you right?

    Isaiah 8:20 “To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.”

    Didnt know the Bible say if any man ought to speak, they must speak according to the law? 1 Peter 4:11

    you have mentioned that people with selective hearing, like Michael Jackson says; “you need to look at the man in mirror”.

    Please help me understand these scriptures and what race of people fit these prophecies.

    Jasher 47:6 “6And Isaac also blessed the sons of Esau, saying, May God cause you to be a dread and a terror to all that will behold you, and to all your enemies.”
    Genesis 27:40 “And by thy sword shalt thou live, and shalt serve thy brother; and it shall come to pass when thou shalt have the dominion, that thou shalt break his yoke from off thy neck.”

    Real History Pastor Dowell and unlike your questionable opinions of which you have made throughout your 22min video.

    Genocide of Native Americans(the Negroes a.k.a Amexums) – White people
    Genocide of Australian/New Zealand/Tasmania/Hawaiian Natives – White people
    World War I – White People
    World War II – White people
    Atomic bombing of non-white civilians – white people
    IRA – White people
    Race hate crimes – The majority of hate crimes are BY whites
    Invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan – white people
    Jim Crow Laws – White People
    KKK – White people
    Apartheid in South Africa – White people
    Color Bars in Britian from 1948-1965 – White people
    Australia’s white only immigration policy from 1901 till 1970’s – White people
    White people invented Concentration Camps
    The class system and Capitalism was invented by white people
    Black Holocaust, Greenwood District of Tulsa, Oklahoma in America by white people

    • Actually slavery was a jewish invention according to a black harvard professor and Invasion of Iraq was again created by the jews. IRA sure they were white but they were killing British invaders who invaded Ireland also last I check the IRA were not killing people who were not white.

  2. You can deceive your minions but some of us have been blessed with discernment. … and can see thru your smooth words. ….. LET THE SCRIPTURES SPEAK? ?????

    • +Steven Fox Sad that Christians believe received salvation in name of Jesus Christ when in Fact there is no J in Hebrew nor in Greek. Heylel Satan is clever enough to Hidden Messiah name for many years though. I believe Messiah skin complexion could have somewhat your skin tone. Anyway, you realize that Every time you call Jesus Christ calling Messiah a Earth Pig. Let’s break it down Je means Earth and sus means pig Earth+pig =Earth Pig. Are you aware in 1611 king James Bible people call Messiah Iesous Sous In Hebrew means Horse. Why was name Iesous because letter J didn’t exist until later on. In fact, J was last letter added to English Dictionary. Keep in mind Messiah has a Hebrew name not Greek, Latin, English.The J is only around four hundred five hundred years into existence. Does the Scriptures tells us I come in my Father’s name you know the rest of the verse. Where do you see name Jesus comes in his father’s name like god. I sure don’t Are you aware that shua means to cry out and wealth so yeshua can’t be savior name. There is only one name that men can get save. That name is Yahusha. Why? It is written 216 times in the Tankh. The root yasha look in the Hebrew Strong’s Concordance H3467 you will find who is savior name because Yasha means salvation. The son has three letters of His Father’s name and Heavenly Father name is Yahuah not god because god is just a title there is nothing unique about name God where Scriptures tells us shall not worship no other gods beside me for I am a jealous Yahuah your Alahym. You too need some soul searching we all do for those that don’t know who is true Messiah name. If your a pastor like you say you are you will be obedient seek the truth research for yourself. Because it is you and your congregation soul that is jeopardy not mine. I already know who is true Messiah and His name is Yahusha kings of kings and Aleph and Tav Shalum!

  3. No where in the Bible that Esau was white and Hebrews are African people. People from the middle East are dark and light skinned. Edom is between Egypt and Jordan. There no white people there. Just after reading some of the comments, I see how ridiculous people sound saying that. It Heresy. Romans existed in Jesus time They wasn’t Edomites and you can go back to Ancient Greece the wasn’t Edomites either.

  4. wow, so many are blind to the scriptures clearly pointing to eSAU BEING SAU..di Arabia..
    pastor is correct but a lot of his subs rather believe lies from agents than believe the bible..
    its truly wad…thy gone see…CHRIST ONLY SAVES..
    not race..nor racist cults…

  5. get it together man. we only “esau” because we are in our captivity. and we are in captivity because we broke GOD’S laws. that simple


  7. this man is full of self pride where he cant see the truth the devil is working with in Israel and this man is trying to save the devil children

  8. Brother Dowell, Adam wasn’t the first man. God didn’t put Adam in the garden on the 6th day. You have 2 different things going on. The various races of the earth were here long before Adam. Go back and read Genesis again, and refer to the original Hebrew text. Adam was the first…………..white man. Why did he have to be white? Christ had to come from the line of Adam, and Christ had to be pure in his ancestry, because he was made in his fathers image. If Adam and his descendants looked like everyone else, his lineage would have gotten tainted. Noah was pure in his generation/lineage. No intermarrying in his family. That’s why he was chosen. Please take note, not offense. I enjoy your ministry, but you are a little off base on this subject, just like I was for most of my life.

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