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9 thoughts on “Birthday Message About Health and Life

  1. Happy Birthday !!! Thank you for all you do with sharing about health. Your info you share has help my family so much! May Yah continue to bless you with many more years.

  2. it,s really disturbing that hear in Usa, fasting is wrong, unhealthy, but in other countries, they know the benefits in fasting and eating less. truth comes to light. people are finding out that there are benefits in fasting.which is cleansing your body internally.and prolonging life. sleeping helps your body heal itself. much love and god,s peace be with you.

  3. Happy birthday!! Thank you for this information. On Oct. 5, 17 my husband was diagnosed with colon cancer and we changed our diet drastically. We started juicing and eating raw. He had a CT scan Nov. 2, 17 and the mass has shrunk however, the Doctor still wants to surgically remove the small mass. This confused my husband because he thought it was a good thing the mass shrunk and doesn’t understand why Dr. wouldn’t prefer to let the mass continue to shrink. We’re trusting God for complete healing. Blessings!!

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