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This week's reading is titled "The Rabbis Agree." This week’s reading from Midrash Rabbah provides us with a great example on the rabbinic methodology of Biblical interpretation showing us how the Apostolic Writings (NT) are consistent with the manner of interpretation taught by the sages of Israel. Many times when anti-missionaries come they bring with them the idea that the New Testament’s description of the Messiah is not consistent with the Tanach’s descriptions of the Messiah, and that the rabbinic interpretation is significantly different when in reality that is not always necessarily the case. This week’s reading from both the Torah and from Midrash Rabbah show one such case where the rabbis do in fact agree with the Apostolic account of the Messiah. The rabbis discuss these very important events in Israel’s history from Parashat Bo, and provide for us a very intelligent answer for the anti-missionary who claims that Yeshua is not the Messiah of God. Read more here:


2 thoughts on “Bits of Torah Truths, Parashat Bo 2015, Commentary MATSATI (dot) COM Teaching Ministry

  1. Never mix Tenakh with the story of Jesus. They don’t belong together. Jesus and his story are NOT in line with Tenakh, as long you don’t step into circle reasoning.

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