5 thoughts on “Bits of Torah Truths, Parashat Lech Lecha 2015, Commentary by MATSATI(dot)COM Teaching Ministry

  1. Good teaching as I personally struggle working at a job where women cuss and backbite. How much tolerance must I display in the midst of this unrighteous environment? The assault upon my ears to hear such filth grieves my spirit. My rabbi says I have been placed in this situation to draw nearer to HaShem.

    • +Devora Clark , When I am at my desk at work, I have to listen to swearing, include those around me taking the Lord’s name in vain in the worst possible way. I pray and try to bring up discussions about HaShem… It is very grieving to the spirit…

    • +Dr. Duane D. Miller Ahhhh! Someone who understands the sufferings I endure at work. It’s everywhere in America. I wonder if it’s like this in Israel? I keep looking to live where people want to meditate on the Word of G-d day and night as a follower of Messiah Yeshua who studies HaShem’s Torah.

    • +Devora Clark honestly I think it is everywhere, example, Tel aviv is known world wide for its pro-gay community. I have also read the same back biting, vindictive, prideful, attitudes ect are in the orthodox communities, like they are in the church, and/or messianic communities. It is the age-old problem of humanity…

    • +Dr. Duane D. Miller Surely there must be some community that pursues righteousness by the Word of God? Is that why the Essenes had to escape to their own community, of which John the Baptist was a member?

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