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31 thoughts on “Black Fatherless Homes and the solution

  1. Truth my Pastor!
    One of the things, if not the thing!
    That probably makes it hard for women to accept Polygny. Is that they are controlled by there emotions on a higher level than men.

    Just my 2 cents.

    Shalom my Pastor

    • This society also also doesn’t wish to follow the Bible.
      But hey every one is entitled to believe what they want.
      Guess we will find out when we pass away.
      Better study and see what fruits come from what you believe.

  2. Have anyone spoke on. well ware, non benefits once they get in retirement ages…?
    I know of a girl who is living on government assistance… paying for her rent and food cost and no job, for over last like 5years now…
    My question to her was, what is she gona do once she gets about 59? smh

  3. Donald trump merely said what he said as desperate attempt only to conveniently win his much needed support from the black voters due to his own present circumstances..Had he been talking on that matter all throughout the campaign instead of mentioning it when he’s losing,it’s highly likely it would’ve @ least been possibly viewed as displaying integrity ..Even when it’s always been a well known fact that *everyone* who campaigns for that seat systematically always *lie*..

    Notice how he merely stated black statistics *yet* not offered nor promised *no* change nor solutions..Sounds to me like it’s going to be the exact same status quo political situation with blacks regardless if he’s elected as before or possibly even worse..

  4. why do people keep using the racist terms black and white when describing people… tired of hearing divisive creating words and attitudes..

  5. race relations in my area are way out of balance, the economy is a wreck, leaving many poor and bitter, ignorant and unresponsive, people are forgetting they are responsible for their community. in regards to black and white relations, I’m worried for their safety, they have become unreachable, Beligerent, emotional and seperatist. segregation is coming back, economy collapsing, it’s not in me to watch people suffer needlessly. it’s not just that, it’s the apathy, no one I know wants to do anything, but the tension is building, advice.

  6. Does your biblical marriage come with a license? You won’t see how much the government is all over this set-up thru the judiciary process, removing the male by making the court attractive by providing “services” to the female until you see it, court is the daddy and it don’t matter what color you are to a money junkie… MILLIONS IN PRISON, did everybody turn into “bad” like the courts say within the last few years, think about it!

  7. I can’t believe you said “good men” and “good women” the bible does not prescribe polygamy and God never ever intended for that to be? what bible are you reading and what kind of cult do you have? the problems in the black culture have been planned, manufactured, and supported by our government!!!! just the facts. The black man has been the focus for destruction since we were brought here and continues to be to this day? Not only is what your saying illegal and against the very constitution you folk always say you uphold and support….but it is not found anywhere in the bible where God said a man should have more than one wife. I would love to sit down and really pick your brain one day and open the bible with you and have a conversation about some of your views. Entertaining none the less.

    • +Rodney Alexander really u got the nerve to call these men sinful as though u are better than they but I got a question for u sir is polygamy sinful according to the law?

    • Benny Little they were sinful men chosen by God but no better than any other man. I don’t pay homage to them but I respect the role they played in Gods plan. He could of used a rock to do what any of them did. They are not above anyone else. I only give that place to Jesus. And We are not under the law nor could we be. The so called Jews over there now can not observe the law either……no temple. Not sure if you are under the impression or belief that the law holds sway or place in the kingdom/church that Jesus died for so these conversations are kind of difficult?

    • Benny Little…..the law did in fact determine what was sin and what was not but according to the bible once Jesus showed up all were considered sinful and in need of a savior so no need for the law anymore. And the law consisted of far more than just the commandments. If you were to apply any part of the law without another part you were not considered law abiding according to the scriptures. It was all or nothing. My understanding of the law is in relation to what the apostles taught after the resurrection. The law was only given to the children of Israel which is why they were judged by it for not accepting Jesus. So where in the bible does God ordain the marrying of multiple wives? If you have the scripture I’d love to take a look at it?

  8. Pastor Dowell, I don’t understand your words.  Are you saying if a man and woman are legally married, it is accepted to invite another single woman into your home with her kids and treat this new woman as a second wife?  To have sexual relations with both women and everything be cool.  Is this what you are saying?  This was what I got out of your words.  Did I misunderstand, or did I understand?  Could you please expand?

  9. who cares about the out of wedlock number. that’s based on on the books license marriage. the real question is why are the men leaving the women or the women choosing bad men.

  10. what’s the point of action. and objectivity for the black community to fix there for the infrastructure? Pastor dowell.

  11. Pastor I respectfully disagree with you to an extent.  Modern day good men are not trying to, and not even trying to hear taking on a woman with another man’s children.  If he does so he is in danger of the government looking at him as the children’s father and if the woman decides to leave he is stuck paying for kids that are not his.  There are 3 separate new political groups that are teaching men to not even deal with such women.  MRA, MGTOW and Masculinists.  What I believe needs to happen is that the passage of time will fix the black family.  Possibly 3 generations.  Men are not getting married, using more contraception and once women see that they can not use government extortion against men, and then the government loses money, things will change.

  12. I am a black woman who was a single parent of one for twelve years. I later met my husband who is white. It was a challenge but later on my daughter has the utmost respect for my husband. We have two other children as well. We are married for twenty years and is still going strong.

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