20 thoughts on “Blending vs Juicing with the Juice Daddy #235

  1. Another problem with blending is that the juice becomes highly oxidized before you drink it. I don’t really get the whole fiber argument because the main reason to juice is to consume the micro nutrients. The rest of my diet contains fiber already.

  2. Jay Kordich! Watched his infomercial for the Juiceman juicer over and over – before and after I bought the machine. Helped me connect diet with health. I appreciate his message, greatly.

  3. I have read articles on both, it seems rather inconclusive since both types make valid points. If you drink the juice immediately, there will be no issues.

  4. his new juicer is a combination hybrid technology – it is pretty interesting, actually. It is a slightly different concept than simply slow rpms. it literally grinds the fruit and vegetables in these closely set jaws, which pulverizes it., (this is after going through the blades – then, it hits the mesh basket, and extraction occurs.

  5. juicing fruit is only extracting fructose, its basically liquid sugar. vegetables is a different matter.just wondering what your thought on that is?

  6. Juicing is great….but why in the world would we want to then throw out the pulp that is left in Jay’s juicer!…that to me always seemed ridiculous to me. It’s like chewing up an apple and then swallowing the juice and spitting out the pulp. I WANT the pulp, the bulk, the roughage. I bought the NutriBullet which gives you both the juice and the pulp…and I love it.

  7. I’m a huge fan of juicing AND blending.

    I’ve had a juicer for years. Nothing beats carrot or beetroot juice.

    However, I recently bought a Nutribullet and green smoothies have been a revelation.

    I hope to keep doing both.

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