Make sure you get good blood tests and take the correct amount of supplements.

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24 thoughts on “Blood Tests and Supplements

  1. I’d love to see a video that’s dedicated to the benefits of extensive blood work, such as the names of the good labs, the costs involved, etc. May be you can invite a naturopath doctor or a trained, certified nutritionist who can explain what it all entails in lay man’s terms for the benefit of the common man…🔅🔎

    • +Sitaara Bright I will have another video soon but there are some videos on my site. I suggest Dr. Schandl site (it is below the video) it explains many of the things on the blood test.

  2. But be aware some synthetic supplement are good for health and some of them are harmful, like for example vitamin e there’s a natural form d-alpha tocopherol and it has so many benefits and there’s a synthetic version dl-alpha tocopherol which is actually harmful for the body.

  3. Have you tried eating the peel with the orange? it is full of vitamin C I found this recipe online one of each peel and all 1 grapefruit, 1 orange 1 lemon 1 onion 2 cloves of garlic blended with a small amount of water just enough to blend it of course you will want to cut them up first and peel the dry skins off the onion and garlic.  The citrus peels are full of vitamin C FYI my blender broke so I have not tried this yet.  I know that the peel is bitter but maybe you could add stevia leaves to it.  Just a thought!

  4. Paul great video. I am coming to this conclusion as well. Blood tests are the way. I have a general question of how do these doctors know how much of a supplement is enough? Is it a set amount for every human or is different for everyone? Like how does anyone know how much of a vitamin a human is suppose to get? Was there a study done on a really healthy person to verify certain levels of vitamins and minerals? Hopefully you understand my questions thanks.

  5. Totally agree with you…Also to be truly, exclusively, raw foodist, costs so damn much…I’ve seen your video of eating on a budget…But still very expensive and so all encompassing…I would have to devote a substantial part of my day to  thinking, eating and preparing food…Is that any way to live?…All I know is that when I eat better I feel better that’s good enough for me…And to be totally honest…You look a lot better yourself since eating less rigidly/ or using more supplements,,..Happy New Year to you

  6. I so happy to find your videos I commented on another 1 had a cancer removed 12/17/1015 used black salve and I’m about to use fluorouracil cream to get anything that might remain. Totally believe in Natural Holistic methods and doing what feels right for your body and in combination with modern medicine all my cancer will be gone. Blessings to you and your family

  7. Hey Paul, first of all I’m not attacking but I wonder why do you have huge bags under your eyes? Can you explain why do they appear in case of so many people?

  8. hei Paul, im a frequent watchter and fan of your videos, because youre keeping it real and not hyping anything. i usual agree on your points, also on that its important to get adequate bloodwork done and do/consider supplementation. BUT: ascorbic acid?!? ascorbic acid hasnt alot to do with natural, whole food vitamin c (in composition with enzymes n so on, you know)… most ascorbic acid today is synthesized fromGMO-corn, and i personally do not believe that this substance can have an equal effect on the body then whole foods vitamin c, even if its identical on a molecular basis and for sure does have some effects… why you dont use stuff like acerola powder? its higher quality and dont you think that a smaller amout of highquality vitamin c has an equal or better effect then 10 grams of ascorbic acid? doestn this strong stuff burn your stomach linings ?!?

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