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20 thoughts on “Bone Broth for Health

  1. Soaking them in acid might increase juicablibity. A father of a friend of mine recently died from leukaemia, he was a macrobiotic a large part of his life but ended up anaemic, so his wife found this ‘cure’ called bone broth, which he made himself from ‘organic’ bones of course. He was later diagnosed with a rare form of leukaemia and parasites, but they still believed that bone broth was a ‘cure’. I tried explaining them about BLV and even BSE and how organic cows live longer and thus have more time to incubate diseases like this. They put him on a keto diet with lots of butter, cause they believed sugar feeds cancer cells. They got so desperate they even put him on chemo, which he initially refused, that killed him in less than a month.

  2. I can sell sustainably harvested toenails for a health elixir ! ! But ,careful to avoid athlete’s tongue,Lol. Thanks for the levity ! !

  3. I had my autistic son on bone broth soup, home made from organic chickens….It was a supreme disaster! His color was very shallow and yikes!!! Baloney with it! Sticking with you! Thanks

  4. For better brain power, I juice human skull bone (since it sits near the brain), and when I have back pain I juice human vertebral bones….both work miraculously….

  5. Shared! This is a perfect way to get people to face their accepted beliefs – even if they still want bone broth by the end of the video, it will have gotten them to think about these things a little more.

  6. Paul, I didn’t know you were a bone broth expert, I thought you were a vegan. But it’s great to see you wake up at last. Bone broth has been around since before Esau made Isaac. It should be only from grass-fed cows without pesticides etc and it is absolutely false to say that cooking it will destroy the nutrients, it actually is recommended that you cook them for 20+hrs. only enzymes are destroyed but your body makes enzymes with minerals and protein which are abundant in bone broth which has been used to remedy many health issues for thousands of years. BTW, FYI, Yashua only ever fed His deciples and the people cooked bread and fish, not once did he ever serve them a raw meal. Given He is our creator, I think He knows best, why would He serve us cooked fish if it was bad for us. Also there is no vitamin A in a vegan diet as well as other nutrients which is why all vegans end up sterile as a neutered bull.

  7. Way to own up at the end that you actually have NO idea what you’re talking about- but went ahead and made fun of it anyways :’D
    I’m confident that the amazingly healthy centenarians living in their traditional cultures with no disease would agree that the bone broth they utilize is all bunk anyways.

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