25 thoughts on “Book of Numbers Discussion – What is Manna?

  1. Love the new behind the scenes of the videos!! Also I think it’s a great idea since I know you two fine chaps and think the audience wants to see the two homies behind the epic videos. Also that’s probably the first time chaps and homies has ever been in the same sentence lol

  2. In the book of Job, doesn’t God in so many words at the end say that Job’s sin is pride and that Job counted his own righteousness instead of being righteous through God?

  3. Hey, Tim and John. Could you guys do a video or discussion on the Passover or the Blood of Jesus?
    I hear people praying/bleeding the blood. However, I interpret the Blood of Jesus as a cleansing and something that redeems sin, not something I bleed over me or any one else as a protection. For example, if I’m riding in my car and want safety, I don’t think I would bleed the blood as a prayer of protection.

  4. it would be awesome if you guys were able to put together like 1 or 2 videos about the hebrew language(or greek) it’s so interesting to learn about and helps understand scripture more 🙂

  5. I absolutely love these videos you guys. I just watched my first one about a month ago (the one on Job), and it really caught my attention. I’m turning 17 here soon, and I recommend these videos to all my friends my age. They’re fun to watch and a great way to learn. Sadly, I have no money to donate, but I’m keeping yall’s group in my prayers.

  6. For the kids, a coloring book, starting with Genesis. All 66 books, with one key paragraph from each book. So the kid can go to the bible and look it up. A page for each book, front and the next page.

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