Many people ask me the question why I oppose the religion of Christianity. And why do I continually refer to myself as an Israelite.

So please listen, I have answered this question many times before in other videos. Most will not go back into the acrhives a see what I said. So for that reason, this will be my last video series about this question.

I hope you have ears to hear. Remember I am not the one that can open your understanding. My job is to tell you the truth and that is it. All I offer is the truth.

Pastor Dowell

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21 thoughts on “Books I Use For Study

  1. Hello PastorDowell, can you pls clear up a very confusing topic for me.  Did the Hebrew Israelites own slaves anytime in history?  and if it is true, can you refer me to where I can research this to truly understand what happened if this is true.  Thank you Pastor

  2. if there was an aramaic new testament before there was ever a greek new testament then that complicates things! Do you have any evidence of this?

  3. Thank You for sharing where you study from.My cousin recently shared a video of you teaching and i have taken it from there.I say keep up the good work. How does one become a part of your living community?

  4. Love you and appreciate you but personally I will not use or own any corrupted translation that blots the name of Yah off its pages and I definately wouldn’t drop Scriptures onto the ground.

  5. The Greek is older than the Aramaic, some have speculated there might be an ‘original’ in Aramaic. Dictionaries get replaced every 10 years owing to changes in meaning of words. This is an important idea fore it enables us to date writings fairly accurately. This how we know the Aramaic is not as old as the Greek. It is possible to read The Word and still not know the truth. Mr. Dowell.

  6. Shalom Pastor Dowell, I watched several of your videos tonight and I am so glad I did. I have been following a couple of the Hebrew Israelite camps but did not feel complete. I prayed to the Most High to find the right direction and I was led to your videos. I feel like I am on the right path now. Thank you.

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