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Boy, 3 Allergic to Dairy Dies

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5 thoughts on “Boy, 3 Allergic to Dairy Dies

  1. The video What The Health totally changed my mind. I challenge anyone to watch this video and try to eat meat and milk after industry of dairy and meat exposed.

  2. Yeah Im just got on a fruit and vegetable diet I will still eat meat but Im going to try to do it on feast days or if I have to any ways I have been sick from five days having mucus in my throat and having headaches when I been waking up I been taking a lot of victim c supplements and organic orange juice does and some mediason from the hospital like amoxicillin and still fill sick Im like come on now Im not saying the bible does not say meat is ok to eat I don’t agree with that but I do believe it does talk about how we should eat it in small portions not big

  3. I will eat rice if it was the same type of bread in the ancient scriptures but yes I want to stay away from dairy and bread cause makes me sick unless I have to eat it but Im good and will stick with almond milk or coconut milk

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