Title: Genesis
In this series, Brad Scott discusses the Fall of Man, the intriguing story of the Nephilim, and the building of a New World Order.
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7 thoughts on “Brad Scott | Sons Of God, Giants & The New World Order – Pt 1

  1. As I’ve said before, I really appreciate your teachings, Brad. And I have to say, you’re looking very healthy these days! Thank you for making sense of all the weirdness out there!

  2. thank you for filling in the beginning problem. the guardship faltered much in newly developing USA, kept destroying families. Where WERE the true watchmen speaking against changing Yah’s Original provision of whole food, & *stay away from flesh-eating crustaceans….& abominable pork- all unclean health- wreckers?* Another Adam~oh well, just let the wiles of the tempter in again. calling it good, it is so deleterious to have knowledge that my whole family was destroyed, barely surviving the careless path. Please Father, help us do your true will, otherwise, your scripture and heart that wants us to turn from evil doings will not come to pass. Isaiah 23:22 if you had stood…..

  3. I have always loved Yah’s rules~ HIS words are the way, truth, life. Gave my life when young in a small community church. I read about unclean in my 20’s & only believed Father, not twisted tongue men. & I realized Yah made Everything on earth, including bacteria,

  4. I agree that man has very self-inflicted selves and family to the point of much more evil behavior. I am sick of so called christians or any followers of bible to never submit to Yah’s remedial process described under Mosaic law: To be advocates of repentance Needs to speak directly to the *workers of iniquity* in families. now days the shepherds ask, is there physical abuse?; mostly it is emotional verbal abuse. & since these ministers’ irresponsible- *set-up-*> separated from Clear instruction of Yah of biblical pronouncements toward dysfunctionals, the reality is continual more downhill Today. too much for us all! ( there is no heart best registering_______) it is just apathy, la la la
    ‘One New Man Bible’-
    I Corinth. 6:1-11 do not go to the Unrighteous to judge a matter; vs4, is there appointed, men in your congregation? , I say this to your shame; is not one among you wise, who Will be able to judge? …rest of chpt.

  5. I believe the word that people link to a sexual exchange between the serpent, the woman, and probably the man is in Gen 3:3, “touch” (H5060: naga). Strongs hints to a possible meaning of this being “to lay with a woman”.

    This, combined with the fact that they suddenly knew they were naked after the sin, they made aprons to hide where they had sinned, the Father imposing consequences of pain during conception on the woman, and the promise of enmity between the the serpent’s seed and the woman’s seed.

    Then there are some curious additional facts such as Cain not mentioned in Adam’s lineage, but has a complete lineage of his own. Why?

    Then there is the occurrences of Jesus rebuking the Pharisees, telling them they are if their father the devil (John 8) and holding them accountable for all the blood shed back to righteous Abel (Matthew 23).

    Finally, the parable of the tares explained in Matthew 13 (i.e. v. 38 – the children of the wicked one).

    One could say there is some compelling scripture that might back up the thought of a sexual event taking place in the garden.

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