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Title: Sons of Noah
In this series, Brad Scott discusses the Fall of Man, the intriguing story of the Nephilim, and the building of a New World Order.
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4 thoughts on “Brad Scott | Sons Of God, Giants & The New World Order – Pt 2

  1. In regards to “all” and the Hebrew concept of not “including everything, excluding nothing”. Does that apply in every instance of the word used throughout Scripture?

  2. but even Christ said to the Saducèese and Pharisees “your father is not my father”. corruption did come from Adams disobedience but you have not addressed the “fruit” that was forbidden. you cannot skip over the meaning and reason for the “forbidden” fruit. because it had consequences that revealed knowledge of good and evil.

    • When Y’Shua made that statement HE WAS NOT SPEAKING TO THE JEWISH PEOPLE!!! That is implying “replacement theology”! The Mashiach was addressing the NATURE of those reject G-D’S Torah for what many in that day were adhering to which was an “Oral Torah”. Even has many today, Jew and Gentile, has devised their own set of rules and interpretations rather than what is Written in The Scriptures! There were FIVE different groups called Pharisees and they did not all believe the same. Plus, several times in The Besorah (“Gospel”) It Is Written, “…and on that day many of the “Pharisees and Saducees” believed on HIM”.
      I never ceased to be amazed at how Christians adamantly try to ostracized the Jewish people from the G-D Of Yisrael! ELHM has NOT cast us off! The people of Yisrael has always referred to HIM as our FATHER even as HE Spoke thousands of years ago in HIS Scriptures.

  3. Starzshine: the P’rushim (or the western word “Pharisees” as you call them) had (as Brad has just explained) been “cut off” from the Olive Tree (Beit Yisrael – “The House or Household of Yisrael) because they had devised “another” Torah…another “Covenant” and believed that it was given through Moshe (“Moses”). They were disobedient to the actual Torah, Instructions for living in order to obey they own “Oral Torah”. There are conversations Y’Shua had with them were they complained that HIS students were not obeying their Orah Torah. The Mashiach pointed out that they were being disobedient to ELHM’S Torah in order to obey their own.

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