Title: Will the Real Sons of God Stand Up Pt 1
In this series, Brad Scott discusses the Fall of Man, the intriguing story of the Nephilim, and the building of a New World Order.
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3 thoughts on “Brad Scott | Sons Of God, Giants & The New World Order – Pt 3

  1. thanks Brad. this lesson shows us that we must be careful for EVERY word of the Bible, and not assume anything.
    Do not add to, or take from.
    also, get a deeper understanding of what is revealed in the language of Hebrew.

  2. Todah Ahi (“Thank you, my brother”) for such in depth revelations so obvious Given by The Divine Presence. Even my Rabbi admits that your statements often mirror many comments of the צדיקים (“tzadikim”). That is saying a LOT!
    But i especially would like to say “Todah” for your Love for Yisrael and the Jewish people.

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