Title:Will the Real Sons of God Stand Up Pt 2
In this series, Brad Scott discusses the Fall of Man, the intriguing story of the Nephilim, and the building of a New World Order.
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3 thoughts on “Brad Scott | Sons Of God, Giants & The New World Order – Pt 4

  1. This Falling Away of 2 Thessalonians 2 shows that the Roman beast also changed the names of the Father and the Son.

    That might sound crazy, but Satan’s goal is to undermine the worship of the Father and Son in any way that he can, and changing the names which people use does just that.

    Messiah knows your heart, and in your ignorance you may have called Him Jesus, but friend, wouldn’t you like to call Him by the name that was given to Him by His Father?

    Wouldn’t you like to use the Father’s personal, covenant name, instead of generic titles?

    The New King James Bible clearly admits that it changed the Father’s covenant name,
    “The Covenant Name of God in the Old Testament, represented by the Hebrew consonants YHWH is translated “Lord” or “God” as it was in the King James.”

    Friend, we should never change the Covenant Name of the Father!

    The titles of ‘God’ and ‘Lord’ are generic terms.  If someone says that they believe in god, that is not telling you whom they serve.

    Their god could be Allah or Buddha or Satan.

    Has it ever struck you that Muslims call their false god by a personal name?

    They don’t say that they believe in god, they say that they believe in Allah.

    We have been deceived into calling our Father by generic terms like ‘God’ and ‘Lord’.

    The Hebrew Scriptures give us the Father’s personal, covenant name, which should be hallowed above all other names.

    The Father’s personal name is Yahuah,which is spelled from right to left
    in Hebrew as יהוה.

    The Scriptures declare that the name of the Son means “Yahuah Saves,” so His name includes part of the Father’s name along with the Hebrew word for ‘saves.’

    The Son’s personal name is Yahusha, which is spelled from right to left
    in Hebrew as יהושע

  2. Could Samson be considered one of those “Sons of God”? Also, as for the earth being filled up with violence, could it be from the time that Cain shed Abel’s blood that cries out violence?

  3. You’re not one of those guys that say the scientist are deceiving us with evolution, but those same guys are totally telling us the truth about the nature of the universe, are you?

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