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In this episode of Brad Scott's series on the "God Particle," Brad explores the Hebrew language itself. Brad teaches that since everything came into being by the Word of God, we should expect that the dynamics and structure of how Hebrew works will be seen in the dynamics and structure of how everything in the universe operates. It is no coincidence that we see in the scriptures that everything came forth from the "Word." Therefore, we see the same structure in both the "Word" and creation. Join us for this exciting look into the scriptures and science as Brad Scott shows that God is smarter than we are!

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One thought on “Brad Scott | The God Particle – Part 4 | The Greatest Particle (1)

  1. it is such a comfort to know, that I know, that YHVH uphold all things. and that through his Words spoken by Yahusha the Messiah,đź‘‘ we can come to know, and be apart of him.
    thank you Brad.
    Awesome lessons🙌

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