In this teaching, Brad Scott continues his series on the "God Particle" also know as the Higgs Boson. Scientists believe that this particle is the key to the fabric of the whole universe. Brad digs into the scriptures to show that this particle is actually related to the Word of God. Brad does this by uncovering insights found in the Hebrew language to show that God means exactly what He says and we can put our complete trust and confidence in the Word of God. Join us as we learn how God is infinitely smarter than all the scientists stacked on top of one another!

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7 thoughts on “Brad Scott | The God Particle – Part 5 | The Greatest Particle (2)

  1. AWESOME, just awesome.
    if this(the way Brad teach) would have been taught when I was in school, I could have understood science a lot more.
    but all things have an order. and now I can understand why. I was blind, but now I see. lol! I give esteem to TMH YHWH!🙌
    Thank you for putting this on YouTube!!

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