In the beginning was the Word. By the Word of the Lord the heavens were made. Are these simply religious statements or is there more to it!? In this teaching, Brad Scott uncovers deep biblical, scientific truths by looking at the insights of the Hebrew language and how it relates to the universe around us. Brad explains the Alef Tav, Hebrew particles, and the relation between the 'seen' and the 'unseen.' Join us as we learn that God is truly smarter than we are!

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3 thoughts on “Brad Scott | The God Particle – Part 6 | The Greatest Particle (3)

  1. If the earth and heaven were “something” ((matter))..How could it be without form and void …((what happened to it to make it void)) if everything was dark…was it because it was unseen or because something happened to it? What is the darkness in vs 2 and why was it divided. ((was it just to make night and day or was it evil ?)) God didn’t speak it((darkness into being…no)) but it was the “face((something seen) of the deep” ((what was the deep)) because the next thing we have is the “Spirit” of God. “moved” (( action, not spoken )) upon the face of the waters.((were the waters darkness and deep or something else ((evil))? Because there was heaven “up” and earth “below”… yet you think the earth was dust or rock?? )), Yet God speaks the light into being but not the darkness but he divided the two, this is the first division,God does… is this good and evil HE divided ? Since the earth was the place for evil to exist, is that why it became void perhaps in the beginning ?

  2. I have listened to every “particle” of this teaching so far, and this aleph-vav-tav piece is amazing when applying it to Scripture related to it. Deep stuff. Looking forward to finishing.

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