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Often times we are criticized for "believing in something we cannot see" but did you know that scientists are "guilty" of the same thing? In this series, Brad Scott explains how scientists put their complete faith in things that "cannot be seen" because of the effects that we can see. As Daniel Whiteson at the CERN lab states, "The key to all this is found in looking for patterns." Isn't this also what scripture teaches? Join us as Brad Scott dives into the truths of the scriptures and the Hebrew language to prove that God is infinitely smarter than we are and that we can put complete faith and confidence in His Word!

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3 thoughts on “Brad Scott | The God Particle – Part 7 | Believing in Something We Cannot See

  1. I have learned more in the past four years as aTorah observant follower of Yeshua than I did in the last twenty-five years attending and ministering in a traditional American “Christian” congregation. Thank you, Brad for presenting our magnificent Father as the all knowing, multidimensional, merciful, and consistent genius that He is! My friends and I rejoice in our spiritual awakening; we cherish every nugget of truth we discover. YHVH is truly smarter than his creation! With gratitude, Marie Carson, Colorado Springs, CO.

  2. Baruch you Brad.
    you have helped me come to know so many wonderful things about ABBA Yahweh, and Yahshua, than I could ever imagine!!

    for as long as I can remember, I have been drawn to science, and what’s out there,(if you will) but due to my limited education, I could never get it right.(understand) I truly can see with new eyes.
    I pray that TMH will open up the understanding of our young people, so that they will have a strong foundation to build on in their walk with him. Amein.
    Todah rabah. Shalom!

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