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  1. Strange as we have had almost no rain all summer during this heat wave that still won’t let up. I think we’ve had maybe 3 good torrential downpours during thunder storms and maybe another 3 rainfalls all summer long. It has been an unusual summer after a mild winter. I wonder if man is playing YAH and messing with the weather between all the chem-trails and HAARP. I don’t remember a single summer like this one as far back as I can recall in my lifetime.

  2. As a White man I feel that swastikas or other racial comments on your mailbox is stupid. But, why is it that you’re so secretive about your location for people who are honestly or wholeheartedly wanting to know the location in Ohio?

  3. I wish people could get materials for free as well, then everyone could be more self-sufficient and self-reliant, but they (the evil scumbags running things) enslave us by making us dependent on currency 🙁

    • There is a way to get materials for free; as the cities are full of them. One just have to look, and be prepared to pick up.There are even free areas on craigslist.You just have to start practiscing the great art of scrounging.

    • I wish that the Hebrews would really listen! I’ve opened up the door many times to teach them about how to build a successful community. It seems they all have a false hope of living in those cities. Shalom my Brother.

    • I hear you and I agree. I’ve been discussing the same sentiment for the longest. It’s good to see we and many others are on the same page. Keep up the good work and remember you’re not alone.

  4. Bless you Pastor Dowell! you are a true leader because of your actions. I wish that the “black” community would lend you their ears. If so, we wouldn’t even be in this mess. Peace and Shalom!

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