Raw Chocolate, cacao is being promoted as a health food but the facts show that raw chocolate can be very toxic on the body. In this video several health teachers share the information they have found to support cacao is toxic. People also share their bad experiences with raw chocolate.


34 thoughts on “Cacao – Raw Chocolate Not Healthy Warning

  1. Hi Paul, peace be with you and your family. I dont know whether you are taking comments still? Thank you for this upload and the dedicated research and effort to produce it. Jonas Sunshine has reused some of this content in a shorter vid he uploaded today. I thought of all the speakers you had great clarity and insight, which led me to your channel and this vid.

    My take as someone involved in the raw community and lifestyle since 2008 is that many of us have stories to share of a learning curve, falling in and out of cacao, as the process of ‘going raw’ involves a lot of experimentation and adjustment. My view is that cacao products may indeed benefit from a reclassification, and its’ potential effect on some people made known so consumers are empowered to make an informed choice.
    Personally I downgraded myself from a party-social user of raw cacao and daily consumer of small amounts of bitter (90%) fine swiss choc to having none at all. As during my weekly green juice cleanse, chocolate was the one thing that came up as a craving, and I interpret this undesirable stimulation toxicity. Several weeks for the cravings to pass!

    We are here to learn and grow and have many friends who use cacao habitually and that is also fine.

  2. Also re raw carob, did you know that John the Baptist’s diet of’ locusts and wild honey’ could well have been a reference to carob? Carob = locust bean. Making him a raw wild foodist!!

  3. So are you saying that any kind of cocoa is toxic? I get that no kind of cocoa can be raw due to how it’s processed. But is it all toxic even after being cooked?
    I just started learning how to make chocolate at home. I didn’t eat chocolate of any kind until my mid 30’s and still suffered with similar issues mentioned in this video.

  4. I had negative side effects from cacao including: dizziness, nausea, jitteriness, fast heart rate, difficulty breathing, irritability, acne, and nightmares. I only consumed 1-2 tablespoons every once in a while. So for me, I can’t even eat it in moderation.

  5. 1. This man interviewed was talking about from twenty years ago with the fire in Papua…? 2. those Papuans were not making chocolate they were Fermenting it for other purpose. 3. The real cacao is from Peru and Ecuador, not Bali or Papua!!I eat raw cacao every day and have zero issues with it, if anything I get energy from it.

  6. I put about a tablespoon of Nibs in my smoothies, I enjoy it, I have been doing this for about 5 months…my plan is to go to my doc and get my blood tested and see what kind of toxic issues it is causing me. Let me say this, we are not all able to move to tropical jungle to live on raw fruits of the earth, toxins live in our clothing, in the air, everywhere, it drives me crazy trying to live “toxic” free when we are bombarded with toxins everywhere. I can guarantee in all things there are health and risks, IN ALL THINGS

    • That may be your opinion, but I adore carob. And I have made “chocolate mousse” and loads of other recipes with carob and my friends ate them and were shocked when I told them it was carob and not cacao. For many recipes it passes as cacao without notice.

    • That sounds a tad dramatic to me to say one is doomed. Also, I am over 35. I just look younger because I’m a raw vegan, and I’ve been eating healthy for most of my life. Carob versus cacao differences are more apparent in a chocolate bar than in mousse and puddings or raw brownie recipes. In the latter one can hardly tell the difference. If I’m doomed for choosing healthier choices, I’ll happily continue that way. It’s done me pretty well so far. I do eat cacao sometimes because I’m not an absolute health purist, but I prefer to eat carob whenever possible over cacao. Likewise, my “coffee” is chicory. Tastes similar enough, and naturally no caffeine, whereas even decaf coffee contains caffeine and also carcinogenic solvents from the process of trying to take some of the caffeine out. I choose my foods to not have as many toxins in them. I think to choose otherwise is really what dooms people.

  7. p.s. theobromine is a methylxanthine, as caffeine is…. both are addictive. Both give me tachycardia / cardiac arrhythmia. I might have vegan hot chocolate once in a blue moon but I know it’s not good for me. Generally I try to avoid it.

    • +Tim Burton Carob doesn’t give me any of the negative symptoms I get from eating cacao/cocoa/chocolate… I found I can use carob powder in any recipe calling for cocoa. I have served friends “chocolate” mousse from carob who thought it was normal chocolate. And the same for “chocolate” really carob cake. So it’s been a good substitute for me. My next project is to make raw “chocolate” bars with carob powder and cocoa butter- as I have read that the cocoa butter doesn’t have the methylxanthines in it like cocoa does. It’s an experiment, and if that doesn’t work I will try carob “chocolate” with coconut oil.

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