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4 thoughts on “Calories on a raw vegan diet

  1. Thanks for addressing my question. My height is 5’6″- my exercise is usually walking in the woods, which is enjoyable for me. Just wanted to share how raw food has benefitted my mental health: Yesterday I was feeling so depressed and unworthy, and I was craving something (my own love). In the past, I would have reached for junk food to numb that feeling of craving, but instead, I meditated, and ate 3 large apples. In about 30 minutes, I felt a wave of peace and lightness come over me and I felt happy and contented. The depression subsided. Raw food is literally medicine.

    • I got rid of mine after 30 days of juice fasting/solid food vacation. I took Chanca Piedra/Stone Breaker and other herbs, and the stones just came out over the course of a week or two after 30 days, –no flushing required. Saved me from surgery. I watched John Rose videos and Dr. Morse videos. You can search specifically on GB topic on Dr. Morse videos at

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