12 thoughts on “Can Faith Heal Cancer?

  1. The medical and pharmaceutical companies are more about business and the $ than to heal and cure. They give you diluted medication so you are on it longer or forever. i have a son with autism that I believe the cause is the shots. I watched my child that could talk and eat anything in front of him, stop talking and stop eating like he was. this all happened after shots he receive when he was 2 yrs old.

  2. What timing…My son’s best friend is watching his mother die…she has been given 6 months…breast cancer that has gone to her lungs, brain and now all over…she needs to see this!

  3. God heald me from nonresceptive breast cancer via surgery i had it 4 times had differant surgeries then the dr. said i needed a mastomy i got a double the only thing they could do is 1 six week treatment of the stage 4 amount of radiation but in the treatment i had jesus go with me every day then a lady told me about a a smothy drink apple banana baby carrots 3 discs of beets and a about 1 inch of celery i cought mine early but if it was not God it would have have killed me thank you Jesus

  4. oh and the dr. gave me moaphine and 2 other drugs for the nuopothy and lympodemia the junk i got from the surgery i ask Jesus to get me off the moiphine he did the other is for the pain that i suffered from a major car wreck 2 days after the radiation treatment was over that is why it came back over & over i was driving a kia a big truck hit me on my side of the car the boob hit the stering wheel i prayed for the ppl in tretment with me i learned even healthy active skinny ppl get cancer


  5. Awesome testimony. God has given us all that we need for healing. I have read that if one goes on “jucing” alone (God’s pharmacy” they get healed by all knds of chronic diseases. There’s a good doc movie called “The Gerson Miracle” which have had many success cancer stories by eating GOD’s Way.

  6. Well no it can’t, since faith is not something physical and is only a thought. It cannot have any affect in the real world, therefore, You’re wasting your time.

  7. Cancer is so common today!
    We must be SO careful of what we consume and use, and how we do it.

    And yes, GOD CAN HEAL

    JESUS: “…your faith has healed you.”

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