I answer 2 questions from a viewer:
1. What's his true name of Messiah and how do you spell it?
2. Can I convert to messianic Judaism and become 100 % Jewish?


37 thoughts on “Can I convert to messianic Judaism and be 100 percent Jewish

  1.  In my still budding understanding, Father wasn’t as concerned with the pronunciation of His Name as He was concerned with in what manner we used His Name. And as Bro. Paul said, it doesn’t matter where we come from…which is the wild olive tree (Rom. 11)…it matters where we end up…grafted into the tame olive tree, THROUGH our belief and trust in Yeshua Messiah. But then don’t become arrogant that we are now of the tame olive tree! Take that seriously! We must remember that if the tame branches could be pruned out and cast into the fire…so can we, the grafted in branches if we don’t bear fruit!

    • Yes the Father was concerned with pronouncing His name. G-d is specific. He does thing on specific dates and times and names are a big deal in G-ds world. Your lack of understanding of anything jewish, thanks to you antisemitic christian pastors and other pagan liars. 

      What Is the Hebrew Name of the Messiah?
      Surrounding the Sacred Name issue is what the original given Hebrew name 
      of the Messiah was. Virtually every Christian scholar will agree that He did 
      not go by the name “Jesus,” simply because the English language did not 
      exist 2,000 years ago.
      The Messiah, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah (Revelation 5:5), was Jewish in a 
      purely First Century context which means that He must have had a Hebrew 
      or Aramaic name. The Most common Hebrew derivation that is used today for
      the Messiah’s name by both Christians and Messianic Believers alike is the 
      name Yeshua ([wXy). The Hebrew [wXy is used in all modern Hebrew translations 
      of the New Testament.
      Yeshua (or Y’shua) is the standard Hebrew derivation used for the name of 
      the Messiah by today’s Messianic Jews and evangelical Christian community, 
      and the vast majority of people in the Messianic community. Some SNO 
      proponents, but not most, also use it. Just as SNO organizations disagree 
      over the exact pronunciation of YHWH, so do they disagree over the 
      pronunciation, and Hebrew spelling, of the Messiah’s name. The preferred
      Hebrew spelling for the Messiah’s name by most SNO groups is [wXwhy, which is 
      the Hebrew form for Joshua’s name, Yehoshua, although they seldom render 
      it as Yehoshua.
      A general census of SNO organizations will show that most believe that the 
      original name of the Son is “Yahshua,” or derivations such as “Yahushua” or 
      “Yahoshua,” which they say means “Yah is salvation.” They primarily base
      this form on the Messiah’s words in John 5:43 where He says “I have come in 
      My Father’s name.” On this basis, those who use these forms say that the
      Messiah came in His Father’s name of “Yahweh,” thus His name is “Yah-shua” 
      or “Yahushua” or “Yahoshua.”
      The problem with this form is that it is based on an erroneous interpretation 
      of John 5:43, which says in its entirety, “I have come in My Father’s name,
      and you do not receive Me; if another comes in his own name, you will 
      receive him.”
      The second part, “if another shall come in his own name, you will receive 
      him,” is usually accredited as being a prophecy of the coming 
      antimessiah/antichrist. If the antimessiah is to come in his own name, must 
      he have the first syllable of his own name in his? If the antimessiah had been 
      Adolf Hitler, then given the logic of Hitler “coming in his own name,” the 
      antimessiah’s name would have been something along the lines of AdAdolf 
      HitHitler. Other examples from historical antimessiah figures would be 
      NapNapoleon BonBonaparte or JosJoseph StalStalin.
      Some try to argue that “Yah,” the contracted poetic form of “Yahweh,” is the 
      “family name” of God, and thus the name “Yah” must appear in the Messiah’s name. The problem with this interpretation is that it does not align with 
      Jewish names of the First Century. If indeed the Messiah were to come in 
      “His Father’s name,” as inferred by SNO advocates, then the Messiah’s name
      should actually be Yeshua ben YHWH (hwhy !b [wXy) or Yeshua bar YHWH (hwhy rb 
      [wXy), “Yeshua, son of YHWH,” not the erroneous “Yahshua.”
      There are some problems that arise when asserting that “Yah” must appear 
      in the name of the Son. What the Messiah is talking about is that He comes 
      in the authority of His Father, not that “Yah” must be in His actual 
      designative name. And we believe that the Messiah coming in His Father’s
      authority or character is something that is overlooked by many who 
      emphasize the “name.”
      Innocently, many believe that “Yahshua” is the original name for the 
      Messiah. However, for “Yah-shua” to be an actual word in Hebrew, it would 
      need to be spelled in Hebrew as [wX-hy, and no such word has ever existed in 
      the Hebrew language. No Hebrew linguist has ever used or legitimized this 
      form and it does not appear in any reputable lexicon. “Yahshua” is a word 
      that has been entirely fabricated to fit a false theological presupposition.
      Our ministry employs the use of the standard form of Yeshua, used by the
      vast majority of Messianics for the Hebrew name of the Messiah—forms 
      validated by linguistic scholars and accepted by Jews, Christians, and 
      Messianics alike.”
      “Again, we emphasize that Matthew 1:21 says, “She will bear a Son; and 
      you shall call His name Yeshua, for He will save His people from their 
      Yeshua has been proven by scholars to be the most accurate Hebrew name 
      of the Messiah. (note: The name “Yeshua” is the masculine form for the 
      Hebrew word for “Salvation”.)

    • +David Yisrael
      And who is David Yisra’el?

      I AM Who I AM, YAHWEH OF HOSTS, YahShua (Yeshua (Josua) of YAHWEH), Yah, Hashem, so please, don’t come at me with your nonsense,

      “A son honors his father and a servant his master. But if I’m a father, where is the honor due me? and if I’m a master, where is the respect due me? — says YAHWEH-Tzva’ot to you cohanim who despise my name. Amen. Shalom.

  2. I’ve seen a lot of undeniable miracles done in the name of “Jesus Christ,” so G-d isn’t so particular that we say His Son’s name so exactly correct… because He looks upon the heart of each person calling upon Him… not whether we say something so correctly.  In Spanish speaking countries He’s “Jesus Cristo,” in Hebrew He’s “Yahshua haMashiach,” in Mandarin Chinese… I have no idea how they say His name or in the Japanese language… I have no idea… yet G-d has saved hundreds of thousands of people in China and Japan who have called out to Him… because He hears the cry of their hearts and that is what He responds to.

    • Genesis _298 thats because God has offered us grace . but his true name is yeshua or yahshua . and when you learn that truth then you need to turn to the truth and call the lord by his real name . in hosea god says that my people are destroyed by the lack of knowledge and that verse is found in hosea 4:6 . I used to call him jesus but when I learned that the lords name is yeshua , then I quit calling him jesus and I been calling him yeshua because thats his true name .

    • Genesis_298 EXACTLY! I have preached the gospel all over the world and seen miracles and healings in the name of Jesus. This guy is a legalistic false prophet who is a law unto himself!

    • You need to test the spirit. I saw tons of stuff at churches and there’s no way yeshua has anything to do with people in active sin not following his commandments in a false doctrine church sorry. I don’t buy it

  3. Christianity is nothing more than Judaism with the acceptance of Yeshua as the Mashiach. 
    Hard to grasp for some… God bless you!”

    • You still need to lift up your VEIL and wake UP. I follow the Jewish Messiah Yahushua. That is why we call ourself Messianic Jews. That PEOPLE call it Christanity has NOTHING to do with it. I am a part of ISRAEL that is all that matters. YHWH called me in my mothers womb and I answered YES to HIM. YHWH is my GOD and CREATOR and YAHUSHUA is my SALVATION….That is what His name means in HEBREW. My heart is circumcised and that makes me a JEW in YHWH’s eyes. I do NOT need confirmation from a human especially not YOU.

    • Well you did NOT READ my answers. I DO USE the commandments and keep the feastdays and dietary laws and Torah..

    • Minister of Yahushua Ha-mashiach, marity, that is correct. “Christianity” became a religion that denied the Torah, but TRUE followers of Yahushua know that he taught Torah and told his disciples to teach the commandments to the world. The “old law” was NOT abolished.

    • +Melanie Evansso how do you make sacrifices for your sins if it’s illegal? So how do you atone for your sins? How do you do this with out a temple? You know Joseph was a descendant from King David. The Messiah having a sperm donor father as you say fully man not GOD at all. So please tell me what do you expect from the Jews Messiah?

  4. Yes, but for certain prophetic reasons, people want to know what tribe they may be from…
    But of course, it is our hearts, not blood, that determine!

    • +David Yisrael sadly I have to say this but you are so wrong in your understanding, the very fact you do not accept Yeshua HaMashiach is the very fact you will stand condemned before Him in the day of judgement just like anyone else will who denies Him, it is never to late.

    • +sammy sam we got booted out for not taking care of those who need it. We have not returned to the land because Moshiach has not come. And anyways we were still in the land when yushke supposedly was around.

    • Omedchazak613 When your heart is circumcised THEN you are a Jew inwardly. read: Matt 15:24 and Rom 2: 28-29

  5. יהושע Messiah:

    if we’re going to speak Abry/Hebrew proper then a better pronunciation of the sons name at the came in his father’s name with the prefix YaHuW which means the “hand of he”. Thus YaHuWShA/YaHuShA which is the most prevalent spelling is YaHuShua.

  6. I love the heart of this brother in this video, I am not a Jew by blood but being that I am save by Yeshua, I am a Jew inwardly, as our brother here states that the Father looks at the heart of those who love Him and serve Him, may you be blessed brother greatly in your ministry for the Lord and thank you.

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