This week I will talk about the raw food diet and supplements. They are necessary but what kind, how much and how do we even know if we need them? This video is the first of several I will do this week about this topic.


26 thoughts on “Can I Get All My Vitamins From A Raw Vegan Diet?

  1. Btw, can you give me a piece of advice? I’m a person who don’t eat animal products. I’ve checked my blood for many parameters and everything was fine. By any chance I’ve included to test Lipoprotein(a) and it was 2.5 times higher. Do you have any idea if I’m doing something wrong?

    • Hi Alex, I really don’t eat so little. I actually think people eat too much. For the amount of food I do eat, I still consume A LOT more fruits and vegetables than most people. There are many factors besides the diet. You do bring up a good point but I am sure that is not my issue. I will talk about this in a future video. Good question. 

  2. Do you have any suggestions, or scientific data in which I could show my professor about the benefits of a raw food diet?  I felt she dismissed me based on lack of scientific data, upon mentioning a raw food diet.

  3. Everyone is low in six of the eight necessary sugars. I and so should everybody supplement that every day there glycoproteins & GlycoLipds on the cell surface of the 99.8% live cells in our body. This study of glycobiology is being now taught in every medical school in America.

  4. Dr. David Jubb says he lives on Yerba Matte tea, bee pollen, honey, water and urine. He says he stopped eating in 1998. He is SUPER HEALTHY . What do you think?

  5. I’m taking b12…I’ve been 95% raw for 6 months ,vegan for 5 years…I’d like to know what else I should take…I never had a blood test other than the regular one from the dr…I’d be interested in getting a more thorough one…but I don’t live in Florida

  6. Is there a particular “blood analysis” you could request “anywhere”  (we travel full time), and what specific things would we request to be tested?

  7. Paul what are your thoughts on hair mineral analysis. Also, the doctor who initiates it believes meat is a must for all vegans. Please provide your thoughts. Thank you.

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