Can I Work On The Sabbath?

I reply to a question someone asked me about working on the Sabbath. They asked what does someone do if they don't have a choice but to work on the Sabbath. Here is my reply in this video


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  1. Paul, I really enjoy your videos.  You always have great insight into these difficult matters.  Father will provide a way that may be better and bring a better blessing than what we could have ever imagined.

  2. Hello everyone, as I learned more about the scriptures and Torah I realized that I should be keeping the Sabbath. When I told my boss this he said I would still have to work on Sabbath, so feeling compelled by prayer I quit my job and the next day God provided for my family! It was an amazing provision for my family.

  3. I have recently come back to the Lord after 20 years of running, raised a Christian and realizing something was wrong with christianity is why I ran in the first place. Now I have recently come back to the Lord and understand that we are saved by grace and we keep God’s law because we want to please him. This Puts me in a tight position, for the past 17 years my job has been working exactly on the Sabbath, Friday night to Saturday night it is where I make my money to support my family and my job is very unique I work with people with developmental disabilities I take them out so that they can have a good time, special Olympics, bowling, movies, lunch etc etc. there is a huge commitment I have for these guys and to their families. All I can do is pray and ask Yahwey to open up the doors so that I can eventually be released from this bondage and take the Sabbath off. Any suggestions on what I can do to at least keep part of the Sabbath would be appreciated.

  4. Mark 2:23 his diciples gathered grain on shabaat and jesus healed on shabaat . Shabaat was made for man not man for shabaat. So i desagree if your a doctor . Police , military you have no choice than to work and help people or your family . Should you try not to work of course if your blessed enough not to have to work great but if you have yo you are not in sin. Because Jesus did it and he is blameless.

    • Jesus never broke His Sabbath even once…. Healing on the Sabbath is not breaking the Sabbath….. Even gather a little grain to eat was not breaking the Sabbath, they only broke the breaking of the Halacha laws set as a fence around the Sabbath.,… They became equated with being just as important as God’s laws which was totally wrong…. This is why Jesus did these things to show them their laws of hallakot were not equal to the laws of God…..
      Even when David ate the showbread he did not break God’s laws,l the bread that was given to him and his men had already been replaced by fresh showbread which made the bread David and his men ate common bread….

    • daily0826 Christ said you must not worship mammon on the sabbath but are to go out and show mercy. They need to deal with that contradiction by getting rid of the mammon part of the ‘work’

  5. I have a business, I work in the oilfield. it costs me 1500 dollars a week to keep Sabbath, it’s worth every penny,
    our problem, as Americans is the word OBEY, we hate that word. but if you are in His hand, OBEY HIM!!

  6. What about nurse’s or doctors. If everyone refused to work on the Sabbath. The people in hospitals would not get any care. What do you think about that. Love your videos Paul Thanks.

    • Saving human life trumps just about everything, so if you are working in an emergency room, I think that’s a legit reason. If you are working in cosmetic surgery, not so much.

      However, we have to recognize two things. The first is that the number of people who will actually put G-d first in their life is very small, so it is not like observance of the Sabbath will ever significantly interfere with keeping hospitals staffed on a Saturday. There just aren’t that many devoutly religious people around, humans tend to follow a more secular and self-serving path. The second thing is, if you ARE one of that tiny minority that is devoutly religious, you might want to consider a line of work that doesn’t force you to work on a Sabbath. For one such person, G-d is more important than career success. He’s either FIRST or he’s not.

    • Robert Dodd Of course, but there are two issues: the commandments don’t open an exception and free will (is god saying that people can’t all decide to adhere to Judaism?)
      But regarding the real world, when your superstitions start causing you to steer away from a legitimate (and in this case crucially important) line of work maybe it’s time to check the validity of such ideas; and then there is the matter of equality which is often a concern, where people might demand similar treatment even if they are not religious (if I’m not mistaken Pastafarians have set their eye on fridays).

  7. The answer is No. And my thoughts are thank You Abba Father for giving me a Rest day every week this is truly a gift from Yah 🎁

  8. how about the hosp staffs. dr. nurses. midwives.driver ambulance. janitors….. who need to work everyday because they have patients everyday (inpatients or admitted patients). if the hosp staffs do not have own car for transpo, who need to ride a bus to go to hosp… if bus driver will not work on sabbath.. how about the hosp staffs who shld to attend to the patients in thw hosp..

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