Today with have Rico Cortes back on the show talking about the importance of understanding the deference between being clean and unclean. Rico say you can understand Yeshua's message better if you understand temple service.


20 thoughts on “Can We Be Unclean and Saved?

  1. @boltingpuppies Keeping the temple (our body) clean involves many things like eating, washing etc., but it also involves our spiritual mind/heart being clean from impure thoughts. We shouldn’t soil His temple. It should be an outstanding example of Yeshua. We must walk ‘as’ He walked.

  2. @davidsholem cont.. if Gods Law is not FORever, FORall. then Heaven and Hell are not FORever either… furthermore, the Torah- basically represents the first revelation of God to millions of folk. That revelation states CLEARLY that ANYONE who does away with, changes, or modifies the Torah. is a FALSE prophet. Miracles dont mean crap. You maybe able to cause earthquakes- but if your message is ” we no longer have to obey Gods law” then YOU are a false prophet, period, end of story.

  3. @777YAHSHUA LOL, this is nice I can finally get away from that awkward sideways church hug….i’ve always felt like its not a genuine hug. It is better to bless each other with our words 🙂

  4. @davidsholem You are calling Gods law DUNG? WHAT is wrong with you???? Are you joking? Please do a study in your bible and see what it says about Gods LAW. It is not dung, it is holy and eternal. It is reality. It is what holds everything together and it is the LAWLESS one that is the Antichrist. Please please please rethink what you have said.

  5. I think its really easy to understand being clean or unclean because everyone has had a time when they did something or saw something that made them feel unclean, bad, dirty or defiled. The instinctive thing is to do something to shake off that bad feeling to make it go away. This is not tradition this is just real life we are talking about here. Pray and wash and feel clean again…

  6. The last time i went to a funeral i spend a lot of time with the widow, near the body. We touched the body while saying goodbye. We tended to the body with love and care but I went away with the feeling of death on me. My clothes smelled like death. It is an unclean, sorrowful feeling and a shower and much prayer was what i needed to feel clean again. I didnt sin by touching the body but death is tragic and was never intended by the creator but is a result of our fallen state.

  7. @davidsholem Oh man, you dont know what you are talking about. Most of us in the Hebrew Roots movement have been Chritians for many years and we are far too educated to be deceived by a cult. I have been a believer for over 20 years and have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, but now I know that His real name is Yashua. So What? We are getting away from the pagan lies that were forced onto the first Christians by Constantine and the Catholic Church. Stop being so judgemental.

  8. @yodheytheway If you want to believe that the Fathers name is “God” or “The Lord” or Father..Abba…thos are just titles. But that is your choice, but the bible says His Name is YHVH, people pronounce it differently and spell it differently but that is Gods proper name as he gave it to Moses. So now people are becoming aware of His name and that is a very very good thing because there are many false gods and false Christs out there but only one YHVH creator!

  9. @davidsholem We do NOT worship the Law, that is a lie. We worship the one true God, YHVH. He is our Father and He gave us the Law as instruction. He is the one who told us to obey His Law. Yashua (Jesus) said if we love Him we will keep the commandments. We believe Him and we do what He says because we love Him! He died for us to free us from the penalty of breaking the law (for the wages of sin is death…) Without the law we wouldn’t know what sin is and we would continue to sin in ignorance.

  10. @davidsholem I do not desire to argue with you but for your own sake please study a bit before you make judgements against people who love and serve God. You will bring judgement upon yourself by doing so. I am telling you this for your own sake. You dont have to agree but judging others can be very dangerous and our words are powerful and should be used carefully as the bible teaches. I’m sure you love God but my friend you are wrong to say these things.

  11. Amen! I Praise YAH that HE has led me to learn the Truth about HIS Name YAHUVEH and HIS SON’s Name, YAHUSHUA! Especially in these last days when there will come false messiah’s and one who will come using the name so loved around the world, Jesus Christ. Our ABBA YAH is teaching HIS Children HIS True Name not only for more intimacy but so we will not be deceived and will call upon HIS one True Name!

    • Yahuworthyisthelamb bc he’s an unclean devil? Doesn’t he know that not shaving the corners of his beard purifies his heart, mind and makes him righteous?

  12. repent, accept YAHUSHA as the Mashiach of YAH, and be obedient to His Turah (instructions, law). also stop saying god cause its the name of a babylonian diety.. isaiah 65:11

  13. I love you guys. I am a born again Christian in the Black American Protestant tradition, but oft I have said that we are ignorant of so much of the cultural background behind many of the OT laws. You’ve done a good job of explaining that and its great. I’ve never enjoyed shaking hands with people on an instinctual level because the impartations of energy are very real to me. Understanding this in the context of cleanliness versus uncleanliness makes sense to me. Thanks VERY much!

  14. And without blood, there is still no remission for sins.

    Moreover, The yearly Sacrifice.

    You need The Blood upon you, or you are not sanctified or justified or made clean. Look at the temple, or High Priest. All atoned for. By Blood of an innocent one.

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