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15 thoughts on “Can we Tithe Today?

    • Jewzy Tabinocl
      That is a Catholic Doctrine, which, like the recognition of the Catholic sunday sabbath and many pagan holidays, was never corrected, during the Protestant Reformation.

      Catholicism is paganized Christianity.

      Biblical tithing consists of food and other necessities, that were to be given, to the priests, in order to sustain them.

      If you were too far from the priest, you were instructed, by Torah, to sell the donations and use the money to buy what ever you desired.

      Look up: Unlearn the lies biblical tithing.

      He explains it pretty well.

      Yeshua became our high priest.

      Give back to him, by dying to this sinful world and walking in his ways, always glorifying his name.

      If you would like to use money to make a difference in the world, there are plenty of ways you can put your cash to use.

      However, spreading the truth of God’s word and his love is most important.

    • Let’s say you have a pastor, he has a small church, only 100 grown adults with Jobs in the church, for the sake of argument, in this example, everybody will be poor, no doctors, no lawyers, no engineers, only people who are making a low income of $200 a week or $800 a month.

      Pastor says tithe me 10% = $80

      $80×100 people = $8,000

      $8,000 x 12 months = $96,000

      No wonder preachers say God will bless you if you tithe 10%, now imagine if we had some doctors or lawyers or people make above $200, folks forget working 9 to 5, that has to be the easiest job on the world, that is why the pastors say tithe 10%.

      Let’s go higher, let’s say we have 100 tithers making $300 a week

      $300x 4 weeks = $1200

      10% of $1200 = $120

      100 tithers x $120 = $12,000

      $12,000 x 12 months = $144,000

  1. I’ve always believed God will see to it that those who need the Word, get the Word. Whether you send some organisation money or not, God always provides for His people. Always. Zero money down, zero payments. It’s rarely the providence we expect, however, always there.

  2. The tithe as you say was for the upkeep of the temple and the funding of the Levitical priesthood…. However, once Yashua was sacrificed as the Passover Lamb the Levitical priesthood became obsolete and according to Hebrews 7 we are now under the Melchizedek priesthood once again…..
    Messiah was not of the tribe of Levi He was of the tribe of Judah….
    People today who claiming the tithes and offerings as “spiritual” Levites are either lying to you or they are totally Biblical ignorant….
    Under the Melchizedek priesthood, we each are all called to be priests of a sort and we can at least use some of this money to support our own work we do….
    There are many things we can do, we can help others in need with food, clothing or other humanitarian needs…. We can buy Bibles and study books and give them as gifts etc…..
    If you are part of a group that is doing a larger work than you can do yourself, it would be good to help them out some to defray their costs for printing materials or producing programs such as Paul is doing….
    Personally, I prefer to help people who are in need and that’s where my offerings go for the most part…. To charities such as Operation Smile who, free of charge, perform corrective surgeries for cleft palates on children which will change their life for the good forever etc….
    But to tithe to a religious organization?…. Not me, never again will I ever do that…. especially one with a paid ministry,,,,

  3. I do give… but not to the church anymore…I discovered that where I was giving… they were using the money I gave for their personal use…

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