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Can you eat animals and be healthy

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28 thoughts on “Can you eat animals and be healthy

    • +Paul Koudinov and what’s your point? You’re just a dumb meat-eater. what’s the point of watching this video? so you can argue with a vegan? I’m not only a vegan but I’m a nutritionist as well. I am very intelligent very, very educated. Vegans that do the whole food plant-based diet correctly can get every nutrient on a vegan diet you can get some B12 but it’s always good to take a b complex even meat eaters should take a b complex or just a straight B12 cuz you’re not getting enough from meat

    • Messiah wilderness Ministry’s: Fortified foods is one way (ex., almond beverage or even nutritional yeast). One can also take a B12 supplement, or a multivitamin.🙏🙂

  1. hi paul, just saying, you are actually a danger to motorcyclists, as i am one and have seen many videos’ showing people doing even less than what you are doing in your suv car and they always wind up not seeing bikers and they crash, so, if i keep seeing you recording in your car you will lose me as a subcscriber, besides, i enjoyed the vids you made in your back yard so do some of those instead of being in traffic and hey, thankyou…..

    • ron valic : Aren’t we always told (for ex: when it comes to cellphones) that as long as it is hands free (ex: mounted) it should be okay? Also, drives always partake in conversation with passengers in their automobiles. How would what Paul is doing be any different? BTW, I rollerblade or cycle everywhere as my mode of transportation. I’ve seen distracted driving with cellphones held to the ear or texting; and drivers’ speed also drives me crazy. Paul seems to be driving slowly, and carefully. That’s MY observation anyway.🙂

    • +Elaina Kosmidis hi elaina, i was in a driving class, as they call it, about 5 years ago, you know, it is where you go to this class and this person speaks on driving and you take small tests to keep a ticket off your drivers license. so, the speaker was a retired police officer and he said, that many car accidents happen just from two people in the front seat talking to each other, or people eating food, or even listening to the radio, it is amazing how such minor things can take our attention away from paying total attention to our surroundings and i know for a fact that this police officer teacher in front of this class would for sure say that paul is doing distracted driving, no ands, no ifs, and no buts about it, and i can clearly see as i watch him that paul thinks he is in control but he is only partially in control of what is going on around him, there is no way on earth that you can tell me he is in full complete command of the situation, and, i watch a ton of videos’ on youtube as i don’t watch commercial television anymore and i notice there are not a lot of people making their videos’ from inside a moving car, so, i also know what i am talking about because this class was about distracted driving, and i sat there for 4 hours so i know when i see a distracted driver for sure and paul was a prime example. ha, i tell ya, i am 63 and i drive a pickup truck like an ole lady, i like to pamper my vehicles and i am oh so courteous in traffic, and, i never, never ever flip the middle finger at anyone anymore cause that just wastes energy and is bad karma and you could get shot these days, and that is my oversight and view, peace!

  2. My friend just beat colon cancer.Doctor told him if you want to help ensure it doesnt return, no more red meat and no more fried foods!!!

  3. Iv been reducing meat,, I cut out all the processed meats, I got some salmon,, step by step, I think that’s working for me, it’s the same with me smoking , cut down down and down tel no more ,,, that seems to be working , I want to go vegan, I no i will it take steps , I cut dairy out I started this week,,lol really who do u no that smokes crack ? I don’t don’t see u having any homies that smoke crack lol hahahahaha,

    • Bill Conrady jr. eggs are not fertilized. They won’t hatch. Doesn’t that suggest they are a food source without killing animals?

  4. I’m trying to eliminate most or all animal products. However, when you look at the longest lived people they are not raw or vegan. I think for sure little or no meat is important. From what I see the Mediterranean diet seems to produce the longest lived and healthiest people.

  5. hi vegan friend. im vegan too. im a student in religion and archeology. one thing i have to tell you is that yeshua , john and all the other essenes were killes because they were against animal sacrifice. animal sacrifice is the oldest cruelty of humans and the romans put their believes namely mithraism onto yeshua making him lamb of god. but he was against the lamb of god. he was against animal sacrifice. and the passages were they tell he ate meat is faked by romans so that blood sacrifice could still take place.

  6. Yes. God gave us permission to eat specific animals under certain circumstances. Everybody can and should be plant-based – our diets should be based on and around plants with high quality, organic animal products supplementing the plants.

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