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“The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest”
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Knowing how to detect cancer safely is the best way to avoid or overcome it. In this video we discuss how to do it.
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34 thoughts on “Cancer – How To Detect Cancer

  1. I think there’s a reason God told us that we all can eat only certain kinds of Meat in the Torah. Messiah himself ate Fish, I think at the end of the day it’s moderation in all things and Digestive Enzymes are really important. Thanks Paul for this great info!

    • +A Hish True, I meant to include that here too, but I’m sure there are still places in the World where People can still eat Fish and as far as Messiah not wanting to eat Fish you and I know it wouldn’t be a problem for him as anything he gets or gives is cleansed by Yahweh.

      The point I was trying to make here is that God didn’t want us to eat just the Plants, after the Flood He directed us to include a little Meat in our Diet and even going into detail as to what “kind” of Meat to include at Mt. Sinai in Saudi Arabia.

      Hope this clears up what I meant, shalom.

    • +WizardofRaw Luke 24:41-43 CJB: While they were still unable to believe it for joy and stood there dumbfounded, he said to them, “Have you something here to eat?” They gave him a piece of broiled fish, which he took and ate in their presence.

    • Why do you ask about appendix. I had to get mine removed at the age of 8 yrs. old in the E.R. Is it a sign of something? After having my appendix out I never felt good. I told the doctors but they ignored me. I gained like 30 pounds after removing my appendix. The pediatrician at the time put me on Diet Pills. Having weight issues all my life ect.

    • +gksweetmimi I asked because I was wondering what long-term effects that has on the body and if one can still achieve optimal health without it. I had mine removed in the E.R. at 8 years of age, just like you, unfortunately.

  2. Its obvious that you needed and still need to detoxify your body, no fancy tests are needed to understand everyone walking around today has a severe need to detoxify their body and eat what is meant for our design, fruit.

    • We all need to always detox but these test should not be ignored. I think it is the missing link people are lacking in their health puzzle 

  3. Hello Paul, Glad to see you added me to your circle on Google. You are one person I look too when I need health advice. Your Black Salve video you put out last year was interesting to me. Did you see the video I released on the Light Beings or Fairies I put out a week ago? Your daughter would love to see that. It is magical to me. Not sure what they really are but they look like small Angels. Peace and thanks again.

  4. Medical professionals treat symptoms only.
    Unless you have great insurance.

    My aproach, 100% vegan diet. Drink tap water in large amounts. No bottled no city. Large amounts of CBD/ oil if legal. Eat hulled hemp seeds daily. Balance pH levels through diet. Daily soaks in mineral salts. Daily sweating treatments in a suana. Massage and body work daily. Reflexology morning and before bed. Guided Meditation for health and peace.

  5. There’s a cure, it takes 3 huge vials/syringes, it cost a vary large sum of ca$h to make, a man was trying to get it patented here in America but the illuminati puppets declined it furthering their $$$ off of our deaths…….

  6. Brother Paul, what did you do for your bones to stop leaking calcium? And how long did it take you to get a good result?(am very happy for you!!!, praises to YHWH!!!!) Am 66 and according to bone scan I just had in May 2016 osteoporosis keeps getting worse. Of course doctor wanted me to go on bone medication which I rejected. Found out that possible cause could be lack of K-2 vitamin. It bothers me that I have to find this information on the internet yet this is a doctor who does not believe in natural health, just to push drugs. Insurance I have does not cover for functional medicine. This is the reality for many out there. Thank you for your informative video!!! Shalom!!! (by the way I ordered the vitamin and found information about which foods have K-2 and took action)


  8. I don’t know about the blood test he’s referring to.
    The ONCOBLOT is an accurate new genetic test that picks up the ENOX2 gene.
    They can tell you what kind of cancer it is.
    It can detect as little as 200,000 million cells or a tumor of one millimeter, 5-8 years before it manifests.
    Real science.
    Then, they did a study using green tea extract for a group of people who tested positive, and in 3-17 months they were all negative for that gene.

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