This week's special guest on the Raw Life Health Show is
Andreas Moritz.

The topic we are going to discuss is Cancer. Andreas Moritz recently wrote a book about it.

You can get the book at
Mr. Moritz offers the open-minded person concerned about cancer a radically different understanding of what cancer really is.

According to Andreas Moritz, cancer is a desperate and final attempt by the body to stay alive for as long as circumstances permit — circumstances that are, in fact, in your control.

Today's conventional approaches of killing, cutting or burning cancerous cells offer a mere 7% "success" rate for cancer remission, and the majority of the few survivors are "cured" for just a period of five years or less.

In his book, you will discover what actually causes cancer and why it is so important to heal the whole person, not just the symptoms of cancer. You will also learn that cancer occurs only after all other defense mechanisms in the body have failed, for obvious reasons. A malignant tumor is not a vicious monster that is out to kill us in retaliation for our sins or abuse of our body. As you will find out, cancer does not attempt to kill the body; to the contrary, it tries to save it. However, unless we change our perception of what cancer really is, it will continue to threaten the life of one out of every two people.

“The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest”
Learn more and get the series at this link:


21 thoughts on “Cancer Is Not A Disease! — It’s A Survival Mechanism

  1. if meat was not to be eaten,God would have made us with the digestive system of a goat or a cow,. Vegetarians die from cancer and meat eaters too. Enjoy all the food God have given you. You are not on this earth to live forever.

  2. To know what drives us, makes our bodies live, it are our souls. Desease is a choice of the soul. One cannot separate soul and body (Plato). To know more :Google and YouTube: Familyconstellations – cancer e.g.. The Bert Hellinger Method, Bert Hellinger. Indra Torsten Preiss .

    • Babies can get cancer. Anyone unfortunately can get cancer. There is a type of cancer called Neuroblastoma. The onset is under 5 years old. Cancer sucks. Cancer is evil.

  3. You base that on what?What are you studying to come up with such statements?I study biotechnology and can assure you that this is nothing but vegan BS propaganda.

  4. I study Youtube. IMAGINE THAT! Imagine for one minute that I am more qualified to heal myself from cancer than a medical doctor, simply from researching Youtube. Let your brain encompass that idea for a few minutes. The entire medical system is a joke, as is the schooling. Anyone and their mother who knows natural medicine and how the body works, knows that diet plays a huge role, and that fruits and veggies provide the most nutrients for the body, not meat.

  5. Wow you study youtube, a platform where everyone can upload a video of his opinion and make it a fact.
    I wasn’t talking about medicine.I study biotechnology, we create the medicine, we know how that stuff works.
    Natural medicine does indeed work but not that stuff that you can buy legally.
    I would really hear your answer on how you would heal yourself from cancer, since there are quite a few options for different types of cancer.Btw, meat is essential for your body, not to much but it is.

  6. I was hoping he would explain his theory that cancer is a survival mechanism but he did not – he simply made an assertion that cancer is a response to other issues which I find less than convincing.

  7. 1.
    He is right, but he still misses a lot of fundamental knowledge, that is already out there, but very much suppressed, since the early 1980ies. There is NO such thing like crazy cells out of control, immune system, so called “diseases” or “Infections”. In fact, there is NO lung-cancer without the underlying active “Biological Conflict” of the “Fear-of-Death”. The sense of that Special Program of Lung Cancer is to be able to extract more O2 out of the air we are breathing.

  8. 2
    In Nature an animal benefits from that program cause it enables the muscles to produce more power to flee the raptor that is after him. It´s a survival Program. On the flight the animal is in fear of death, what is the signal for it´s biological system to switch on that aid program. In free nature it just increases the functionality of the lung cells, cause there is no time to create new additional cells cause the flight in nature may take max a few minutes.

  9. 3
    Within these few minutes the animal will be killed or got it managed to escape. In our civilization the same fear of death can be activated by a lot of more things than in the animals world. main reason: The deadly diagnose of a school medicine doctor, which can keep you in fear of death for weeks, months , years … Time enough to create additional cells “Tumors”. Watch this 4 hours documentation (english subtitels) to free yourself from all medical myths + learn about this.

  10. One of my Grandfathers was diagnosed with stomach cancer…they said he only had about 2 months to live if he didn’t get the surgery….He said “Shiiiiiiiiiiiit” then left the hospital…only to die 40 years later of a Stroke…go figure.

  11. There’s a book called, The Lethal Dose by Jennifer Daniels MD. She said that the text books that the doctors get their schooling from are deeply affiliated with the pharmaceutical companies. Also the medical industry is a business and the AMA or other medical institutions rather keep ppl infected with illnesses then to have ppl healthy and loose business. My own teenage cousin has been diagnosed with a thyroid condition. The doctor prescribed her meds and she didn’t take them for long bc she gained weight got depressed and her hair was falling out. Her mother took her to a naturopathic doctor, found the root cause and now has normal levels in her thyroid by staying away from certain types of food and taking recommended nutritional supplements that boosted certain areas that needed strength. When she went to the regular medical doctor for a follow up the doctor said to her she was surprised that she’s doing well bc of her side affects that were recorded from the last visit due to the medicine. I think the doctor said that bc she knows the medicine that she prescribed her should have made my cousin experience feeling even worse and possibly would have lead to a request for more medicine to calm the effects of the first medicine, and that her getting healthier wasn’t a normal reaction to that medicine prescribed.

  12. I used to work as a medical assistant. A pharmaceutical rep catered our lunches every Friday. I think that they did that to develop a trusting rapport with the doctor, bc in return the doctor would sign up for prescribing what ever medicine that was pitched to him. And he would assure every patient that the medicine works and is something they absolutely needed. And I believe that the only way he knew the medicine he prescribed is good if patients don’t die or complained too often. And even if he felt a medicine had a bad track record with patients, I know he is the type to continue prescribing it bc he treated the pharmaceutical reps better than the patients. He cared about the income from the clinic more than anything else. He probably has tremendous dept from the schooling to.

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