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Cancer Is The Best Way To Die

I recently heard a big time cancer doctor said of all the ways to die cancer was the best way. But what he said after that is what actually got people upset.

Check out the video and find out what it was.


16 thoughts on “Cancer Is The Best Way To Die

  1. Food grade peroxide and dmso!!!!!!!!!!!And a raw diet,like in the bible daniel!!!Cancer does not kill nobody,chemo does!!!!!They also say cancer comes and goes if you know or not during your life.

  2. Tell this to a Mother and Father watching their child suffer a horrible death and being totally helpless. Or a young Mother being taken away from her family. I would also like
    to add no matter how we die life is short and it is important to be ready to met our maker. We will all give an account of what we did on this earth. 

  3. Paul, as always you bring the heart of the matter foreward,dealing with it in a realistic copassionate informative way.I have had it in my family & close friends that have it now. I do understand ..having the chance to get your affrairs in oreder say good bye..and mostly repent and be ready to meet our Marker. After seeig.this, Im not so stand offish about going to get all my screenings,the dr. reminded me about .I’ll be sharing and savinng this thank you Shalom ,Shell

  4. I have been in a life.and death struggle with pneumonia, I died 3 or 4 times while in a 33 day induced coma. It was a miracle I survived. I wasn’t ready to go ,hadn’t made peace nor were my affairs in order and I had 2 young children that desparately needed Mama to live.
    Cancers on the rise all over .YHVH ELOHIM forbid all disease. However ,I think there’s no reason we must use such devastating poisonous “cures” and not be in our right minds from pain meds. Thanks again, I will be checking out the links also and sharing.
    Feb. 16th 2015 update.Since this post, I have found out to family friends have come down with cancer.Ember Vedas Auntie, she has cervical cancer and now Veda Rose a 10yr old lil girl, in an induced coma, fighting for her life,now on full lifesupport with non stop seizures and they just found lukemia.
    What can we do to help her and her family besides prayer and support with obtaining CBD Cannibnoid ,treatment in Oregon???There is evidence that, it is effective on both the non stop seizures and cancers, including lukemia.

  5. There have been a lot of people claiming that raw foods can be the cure to cancer and I know of three people so far personally that died from cancer and I have another friend well on his way. I keep getting people to try it but they are all have done and continue to do the chemo. I don’t think it’s a good way at all. It is highly painful a lot of suffering both emotionally and physically.

  6. Thank you for the interesting discussion Paul.  Hopefully commentators will refrain from vulgar and unnecessary profanity.  Cancer is almost always a consequence of violating the Creators law.  Notice in Deuteronomy 28, read the entire chapter please.  verse 60 and 61 state:  And he will bring upon you again all the diseases of Egypt(of sinful lifestyle and idol worship)of which you were afraid, and they shall cling to you.  E very sickness also and every affliction that is not recorded in the book of this law, the Lord will bring upon you, until you are destroyed.  Many have been healed of cancer via salvation and sanctification. 

  7. Receive Jesus In Your Life, then You will get eternal life <3 Cancer, can be a disease that will wake up a person, to receive Salvation in Jesus Christ! But cancer does also give pain. That is very awful. But, when You receive Jesus Christ, You will get help through the pain <3 

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