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14 thoughts on “Cancer: The Cause Is The Cure!

    • Click on the link in the description, that would be the best place to start for sure. Have her watch it as soon as she can and you watch it also

    • Moms can be hard to deal with.
      My friends wife was going through chemo and it was killing her. He stopped the doctors and put his wife on a detox diet.
      Cut out dairy, completely.
      not sure if it will help….but he made her fruit and nut smoothies in the morning…with orange juice or water…. remember, no dairy.
      salad for lunch, with veggies, with lemon/ honey dressing. try to stay all organic, with no chemical.
      Dinner consists of another salad, with 3-4 ounces of chicken, fish, or steak.
      Repeat for two months.
      smoothy and salad detox stomach lining, so that nutrients can begin to get through the intestine walls to the body to help heal.
      Strengthening the immune system.
      Check benefits of shark cartilage. stay away from anti biotics.

      If it makes sense….try it. I am no expert…I am only suggesting what worked for my friends wife, who was 30 at the time.
      They also had Christ in their lives, which I am sure had a lot to do with her still being alive today.
      There are many natural methods for healing cancer. Tumeric , garlic, Reishi Mushroom.
      Check Alkaline water and colloidal silver as other options.
      Cancer dies, in an alkaline saturated body, and can not keep living.
      Christ Bless and heal Mom!

    • Refer to Dr. Robert Morse..Port Charlotte FL..
      94% cure rate of ALL cancers.. personally changed my life.
      Been to his classes..amazing. blessings

  1. That symposium really was amazing. Full of valuable information, I am thankful for the opportunity to watch and listen for free. Praise YAH for The Truth About Cancer, everyone should see this

  2. “The Truth about Cancer” has changed my life, viewing your Raw Life show is amazing, Chris Wark, etc. have been crucial to helping me change my life. The symposium was amazing on-line..
    Thank you with all my heart. You are awesome.

  3. My 50 yr old husband was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma (Bone Marrow/Blood cancer) just 3 days ago. We had already watched your Torah Life Ministries videos as we came to follow Torah about 5 years ago….Now we will be devouring all the health info on this channel as well in hopes of finding a natural cure.,..We are definitely thankful for you covering subjects of the body, mind and soul according to Torah, Yahweh & Yahshua….Thank you!

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