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Here is an interview with a young woman who grew up going to a Catholic church, switch to a Baptist church and now attends a messianic assembly after discovering the Torah Life.


31 thoughts on “Catholic, to Baptist, to Torah

  1. Can identify. Devout Catholic for over 50 years, then realized I had to leave because of so many false teachings that did not agree with scripture. Ended up in an Evangelical Free Church for 8 years, but felt I needed something more fundamental. I ended up in an Independent Baptist Church for 6 years, but left that when I could no longer celebrate Christmas and Easter, knowing they were based on Paganism. I left the Organized Church 18 months ago, and am now studying the true roots of Mashiah!

    • No Jesus/Yeshua is the center of it all, but it is within the context of the whole of scripture and the New Covenant doesn’t do away with the old, except for blood sacrifice. Keeping the commands is not difficult and it is not done for salvation, but because of salvation.

  2. don’t worry about family,salvation is on individual bases,and it is studying the five books of mosheh,get a rid of pagan names,like god lord,and use YAHUWEH and YAHUSHUA his son and make clear distinction between both and only worship YAHUWEH

  3. Hebrew and Greek are dead languanges less than two percent speak this language why would God be fooling with dead languages when he has live one to use English. The new testament was written in Greek so Yeshua or Yaweh or Yahushua is irrelevant in the new testament. Greek Iseous, JESUS IS THE CORRECT NAME

    • juan Diaz G-d speaks Hebrew. you should be ashamed of this comment!!! He is Alive..and so is Hebrew! wow…please look at how many people in not only America but the world are learning Hebrew. English is a horrible conglomeration language made up of so many other languages. How could you speak against Yeshua own Life language!!

  4. Galatians 3:13 Curse is he that is under the law. It was decided for the Gentile Christians Acts 15. The new testament covenant is better through the blood of Jesus. No one can keep all the laws John 7:19.

    • Matt 5: 17-20. We have been taught replacement theology as Christians, that we replaced the Jew and that the old covenant was done away with. If you test this with scripture you will see it doesn’t hold water. When you read the bible as a whole with all of it being applicable new meanings open right before your eyes. As to the term we refer to Jesus as, even his name was changed with pagan words when the translations went to English, so the terms, Lord, Jesus, etc. all fall in line with a corruption of his name, taking names of Pagan deities and attributing it to Christ. Vain traditions is a great book to look at. Jesus/Yeshua kept the law and the commandments and he taught his disciples to as well. The only part of the old covenant that was done away with when Jesus/Yeshua died on the cross was the blood sacrifice. The idolatrous jews were merged in among the gentiles when God divorced them in the Old Testament but said he would bring them back. Jesus/Yeshua states, “I came only to save the lost sheep of Israel.” We are all grafted in, but with Constantine, we somehow lost our identity, because practicing the feasts and festivals was punishable by death. Enter the catholic church, and Constantine, an avid sun worshipper who claimed a conversion to christianity, but was still practicing his faith. This was simply an attempt to try to acculturate the people so that this faith would die away, and largely it did. Now it is time to reclaim it.

  5. Jesus is a made up name. a name made by man. Not given by God. Yeshua is a hebrew name given to a hebrew child. It has meaning. It has importance. It is significant. Jesus is not. There is no meaning. Jesus wasn’t english. He didn’t speak english. (Acts 26:14)

  6. Do you even know who the galatians were? Do you know Pauls purpose of this letter? Research it, find the truth. Matt 7:21-23, John 14:15, Matt 5:17 Yeshua(Jesus) was without sin. What is sin? It is the transgression of God’s law. It is disobedience. So if Yeshua did not disobey God, that means He kept the law. Besides if one came that spoke against the law, he wasn’t the messiah. This is why so many jewes don’t believe he is the messiah, they only know what christians have told them

  7. Again no one can keep the laws 613 besides Jesus. Also Yeshua in the new testament is not found so your point that if you don’t ask for salvation in Yeshua is irrelevant. This false teachings that started in the 1960s by Jews and wannabe Jews(gentiles).Rev 2:9, 3:9

    • juan Diaz then what is sin? And if we are supposed to follow in Jesus’ footsteps, then why WOULDNT we try to follow the laws that apply to us. Not for salvation, but out of love for the father and on on obedience to what Jesus told us to do? 1 John 2:3-4 “hereby we do know that we know him, if we keep his commandments. 4He that says, I know him, and keeps not his commandments is a liar and the truth is not in him.” Verse 6 says “He that says he abides in him ought himself also so to walk even as he walked.”

  8. Every language is from God. The new testament is a better covenant, Acts 15. What your trying to do is to bring the gentils into bondage. There no Christians in the old testament Acts 11:26.

  9. It is written he that is without sin is a liar ( 1 john 1:8-10 ). Amen brother but were born again, John 3:3 and sealed ( Ephesians 4:30). No one can keep or be saved by old testament laws 613, John 7:19.

  10. IN Russian Yahshua is Dzhoshua, Iyeshua & Jesus is Иисус Lisus. In Greek Ii̱soús Jesus is. When the Germans translated it was Jesus.The proper name Jesus /ˈdʒiːzəs/ used in the English language originates from the Latin form of the Greek name Ἰησοῦς (Iēsous), a rendition of the Hebrew Yeshua (ישוע), also having the variant Joshua. Please stop spreading lies.

  11. A lovely testimony. I love hearing how people are being drawn back to their Hebrew roots. And it is definitely a wonderful journey learning and growing in our faith. The Lord has led our family to observe Sabbath and the Feast Days and it has been so enjoyable after a long week to feel like we have a day of rest now that God ordained for us. And our family has felt so blessed by it. Enjoyed the testimony, keep them coming, it is so encouraging to hear others walking in truth! Shalom!

  12. There is no truth in Rabbinic Judaism.. a religion of man.. Only through Christ is one to have salvation.. but the Jews miss that one 2000 years already.

    • Agreed! There is no truth in Roman Catholic religion either, It is a man made religion with a semblance of piety yet false teaching. We obtain salvation through the sacrifice of Yeshua.

  13. Yahshua is the Living Word [Jn. 1:14]. Yahshua is the Word of God, by having faith in Yahshua, you must have faith in the Word of God, All the word of God. Those who say the Word of God is bondage speak out of ignorance. The doctrines of man or the doctrine of God? If one observes the Torah [Law] they aren’t sinless, but practice the Torah in grace. The Spirit leads us away from sin and into His Torah [1 Jn. 3:4; Mt. 5:17-20]. You can’t separate the Word of God, if it is perfect. Obedience not obligation. keeping Torah isn’t a means of earning salvation, but a reaction of obedience toward out Savior. We are save by grace through faith in Yahshua. So… Do we annul the Torah by faith, God Forbid, we establish the Law. The doctrine of God is simple, and doctrines of men are confusion. Keep an open heart to the Word, all the Word, then make your decision. God bless you! Ps. She speaks truth, listen…

    • Well spoken. Growing up Mennonite I had been taught that the Old Testament was the old covenant. However reading scripture a fresh….seeing in Matthew 5 that Yeshua/jesus stated, I did not come to do away with Torah( the first 5 books of the bible, usually interpreted law)or the prophets, no, but to fulfil Torah. Not one yot or tiddle will pass away until all is fulfilled. We do not practice Torah to earn salvation, but because of salvation we desire to walk in obedience. We have the grace of Yah/God to enable us to walk it out and where we fail, Yah’s grace is there to cover us. Learning the whole of the Bible applies and it is not legalism, but obedience and following it brings untold blessings. Here is a great thought from the forerunner commentary….
      Matthew 5:17-20

      Jesus is saying, in plain language, that His teaching does not contradict the Old Covenant law, but it is the ultimate fulfillment of its spiritual intent. Even in the smallest matter, the smallest statement—the jot and the tittle—the law ( the torah) must be fulfilled.

      Notice where His statement appears. Matthew places it immediately after Jesus’ exhortation, “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works” (Matthew 5:16). What if our works are good? Are we supposed to hide them? Then comes His statement regarding law. Is there a connection between good works and keeping the law? One would have to be quite obstinate to believe there is no connection between them. It is obvious that He is connecting good works with lawkeeping.

      To strengthen the argument, He mentions righteousness in verse 20. What is the Bible’s definition of righteousness? Psalm 119:172: “All Your commandments are righteousness.” Thus, sandwiched between righteousness and letting one’s light shine comes an explanation that He did not come to do away with the law but to fill it to the full, to help us understand its ultimate application—its spiritual intent.

      Is it possible to keep the law in its spirit without also keeping it in the letter? It cannot be done. One must first keep it in the letter before learning how to keep its spirit.

      Matthew 5:18-20

      The letter of the law that the Pharisees tried to keep was not enough—especially for us. We have to exceed the letter of the law. Here, Jesus was so specific about the continuance of the law from the Old Covenant to the New that He referred to the smallest punctuation and pronunciation marks contained in the written law, the “jot and tittle.”

      Most modern theology discards the letter in favor of the spirit, but one extreme is as bad as the other. The true Christian needs both the written letter of the law as well as its spirit to keep it properly.

      To keep God’s law properly, we have to learn to recognize the spirit of the law. The spirit of the law means God’s original intent or purpose behind each law.

      When God designed the Sabbath, for example, He intended it to be a blessing to human beings. He designed it to be a refreshing rest and an opportunity both to recuperate physically after six days of work and to draw close to Him in love and to worship Him, as well as to deepen love for the brethren through fellowship and outgoing concern.

      Jesus knew the spirit of the Sabbath commandment. Therefore, He knew that the split second of divine effort involved in healing was a valid use of time on the Sabbath (Matthew 12:10-12). Because of Jesus’ insight into the divine purpose behind the Sabbath, He freed the crippled worshipper of his burden. He experienced a wonderful and exciting blessing because Jesus understood the spirit of the law. God’s law is always a blessing to those who recognize the spirit of the law.”

      Though God no longer requires ceremonies, this in no way means that the spiritual intent of those ceremonies is done away. Though we are no longer required to cut an animal’s throat, bleed its blood out, and burn it on an altar—the intent, the stretching out of those principles, still applies.”

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